Champions league is more than Real Madrid, Juventus and Chelsea and if you watch some of the early qualification games then you can have some nice experiences too in some exotic locations. I had a nice evening in Elbasan in Albania where I was watching Skenderbeu Korce and Milsami play a qualification game for Champions League.

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I have been to many stunning paradise like beaches around the world. They have mainly been in Brazil, The Philippines and the Caribbean, but you have one in Europe too in southern Albania. Gjipe Beach is the name and it’s still visited by very few people, but that will for sure change within the next decade, so it’s time to go there now. More »

Volunteering in Peshkopi in Albania. Volunteering in Peshkopi in Albania.

I just did some days of volunteering in rural Albania the past week and that once again reminded me that countering abroad is one of the best ways to spend your free time.

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Around Peshkopi in eastern Albania you have some world class hiking places. They have not been discovered yet by foreign tourists. When I went hiking there I did not see a single foreign hiker. But you should really go as this is world class hiking in pristine surroundings. Hiking in Albania rocks.

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Cycling Albania

company website Cycling Albania.

I have been cycling through Albania 3 times over the past 11 years and here is some tips and advice about cycling in Albania as a tour cyclist.

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