Boracay is one of the most popular beaches to visit in the Philippines and it can be a little crowded at times. but if you head way down the beach, away from the big hotels and clubs, then you have a wonderful little place called the Red Pirates. More »

Peters Bar/Cafe Sport in Horta.

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Cafe Sport, or Peters Bar as it is also known as, is located on a tiny island on the Azores, in the mid Atlantic, but is world famous among people who love sailing.

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A cafe with bicycles, micro brews and live music is exactly what I like and Cinatı cafe in Izmir has all that and a great intellectual, party loving crowd too.

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Welcome to Cafe Globen.

 My friends and I  have a cafe where we host travel talks, couch surfer meets, international parties and just have a nice steady flow of danish and international people coming to the cafe because they love to travel and love to share their passion for travel with other people while having a drink.

The cafe is non profit by the way and we work for free behind the bar and only pay the people who do the dirty work with cleaning and such.

This way we can keep it a fun thing to run and not a business where we have to constantly think more about making money than having fun, cause we started this place cause we wanted to have fun.

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