Getting older is easy, as long as you keep traveling. Getting older is easy, as long as you keep traveling.

I just turned 48 today, but i am not worried about getting older. I am still on the road 365 days a year and I feel a lot younger than most people my age do. Last year i celebrated my birthday in Brazil and this year I celebrate it in San Luis Potosi in Mexico. Traveling keeps me young. More »

Hotel Zlatibor in Uzice.

le meilleur site de rencontres 2017 Hotel Zlatibor in Uzice.

If you are interested in old hotels that are stuck in time and do not mind that it’s falling apart, then Hotel Zlatibor in Ucize is a fantastic hotel. More »  

I am looking for a person who is ready to help me with my travel business. We are talking mainly accounting, as I am not very good or very keen on this. The person should also be ready to help me sorting out hotel bookings and flights.

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The movie location in Jablanica.

review The movie location in Jablanica.

“The battle of Neretva” was the biggest movie ever made in former Yugoslavia and the spectacular location where the movie was shot is in Jablanica in central Bosnia.

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I'm a global vagabond

I’m a global vagabond.

Over the past 29 years, I have been working in 35 different countries. That is of the 75 countries i have visited so far. While I also love to travel through a country purely as a visitor, Working in a foreign country gives you a whole different insight to a place.  

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