Cycling Malaysia

On the road. Cycling from Kuala Lumpur to Penang.

Here is a little report on my recent cycling trip from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, with some of my personal impressions from the trip. As well as some general tips for people who wish to do the trip themselves.

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Pangkor Island.

I just spend a couple of days on Pangkor Island. Lovely little island, off the west coast of Malaysia. Tranquil little island with a few nice beaches.

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Ecopista do Dao.

Cycling on the Ecopista do Dao.

I just did a cycling tour from Coimbra to Viseu. This was one of the best cycling routes I have ever taken. And most of it was along a cycling trail called Ecopista do Dao.

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Bicycle assemble area Faro Airport.

Bicycle assemble area at Faro Airport.

I fly a lot with my bicycle. So i like when airports are bicycle friendly. And I thought I would just give Faro Airport in Portugal a mention here, as this is one of the better airports in this world for cyclists.

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Cycling north Wales

Trying to read the place names while Cycling north Wales.

I have just spend a couple of weeks cycling north Wales. And here are some tips and advice if you plan to explore this part of the world by bicycle.

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