Backpacker Panda Friends.

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If you are looking for a nice and cheap place to stay in Agra, then I would recommend Backpacker Panda Friends, where I stayed a few days ago. More »

Cycling on India's new bicycle highway. Cycling on India’s new bicycle highway.

A brand new bicycle road has opened in India this november. It runs from Agra, where Taj Mahal is, to Etawah. Etawah is a little over 100 kilometers from Agra, but the bicycle road takes a scenic road to Etawah. So the entire trail is more than 200 kilometers long.

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I was visiting Taj Mahal a few days ago and here are my impressions from the place and a bit of tips and advice if you plan to visit Taj Mahal. More »

Bicycle store in Delhi.

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Here is a little info to tour cyclists passing through Delhi. As a tour cyclist I know it can be a real pain to locate a proper bicycle store when you are in a big city, where you do not have much bicycle culture. So here is a little info about finding a bicycle store in Delhi, that also does bicycle repairs.

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Me and my bicycle is coming to India.

rencontre ado montreal Me and my bicycle is coming to India.

I am right now waiting for my plane to Delhi. From Tuesday next week, I will be undertaking a bicycle trip from Delhi to Kolkata. I plan to spend around 3 weeks on this journey and will stop by places like Agra and Varanasi along the way. My bicycle journey will be around 1900 kilometers.

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