I have been to 75 countries during my travels and I am quite happy with the food in pretty much all countries, but a few countries really stick out when it comes to having fantastic food and these are my 3 favourites.

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Me and my bike on the malaysian east coast.

http://meliggoi.gr/mokryxa/4609 Me and my bike on the malaysian east coast.

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The tips and advice for cycling Malaysia are based on my 2400 kilometer bicycle trip around the malaysian peninsula in june/july/august 2012.

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Flying with Air Asia.

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On december 28, 2014 an Air Asia plane between Surabaya and Singapore crashed in to the ocean, killing all people onboard, and I have since then noticed that a lot of people who do not know the airline are saying that they are afraid to fly with them, so I thought I would tell why I am not afraid to fly them and why I will keep flying with Air Asia.

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