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I travel with a backpack and a daypack more than 300 days a year and I will never exchange my backpack for a suitcase, but I see so many people carrying their bags in a way where I think that they might just start dragging around a massive suitcase, the size of a fridge, instead.

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Why should you use a backpack?

This is enough luggage for several months of traveling. This is enough luggage for several months of traveling.

The main reason for traveling with a backpack is that you can walk long distances with you luggage without feeling that it’s all a giant pain in the ass. If you start with putting 20 kilos in to a backpack that you carry on your bag and then top it up with putting 10 kilos in to a large daypack and carry that on your front, then walking further than 1 kilometer is no fun at all. Honestly you might as well stick it in to a duffle bag or a large suitcase then, cause the reasons for putting it in to a backpack is gone. I don’t see why people would want to travel with a large backpack unless they are planning to do some fairly serious walking while wearing their backpacks.  

I carry it on my front to avoid pickpockets.

Sorry guys, but carrying a daypack on your front tells everyone that you are a tourist. Do you carry your daypack on your front to avoid pickpockets at home? You might as well carry a sticker saying “tourist” on your daypack if you do that.  

If you need 4 pair of shoes, a first aid kit the size of a shoebox and enough tools to repair an airplane, then don’t go backpacking.

travel light and you will be happy.

es bueno conocer nuevas personas travel light and you will be happy.

One of the reasons why people drag all this shit around is that they simply carry too much stuff when they travel. Fair enough that some people want to wear a new pair of shoes every day when they travel, but in that case you should not go backpacking but chose another way of travel. And preparing for every possibly emergency you could ever encounter, does not make you a well prepared traveler, it just shows that you are either very new to traveling or that you suffer from OCD. When you pack for a trip, you should focus on what you can live without and not what you might need on your trip and you can buy pretty much everything around the world these days. The world is global and it’s not like you will have to go without you favorite snack from home, just because you don’t have half a years supply packed in to your backpack.

My small pack fits in to my large pack when I am walking.

look what i found My small pack fits in to my large pack when I am walking.

In the end I would like to say that I did not writr this to insult everyone, but I am hoping to help a few people packing a little more wise. If you disagree then feel free to leave a comment or send me a mail. And hope to see you all on the road one day, whether you travel heavy or light 🙂

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  1. I love this article Claus. It is as though people get scared of being labelled a “tourist” if they use a suitcase, so they prefer to carry several backpacks to make them look more of a “traveler”. Whenever I see them I wonder how they think it is a fun and practical way to see the world.

  2. Hi Claus, I dropped by your site to bookmark a couple of your articles on tour leading. I’m sure our readers will find them interesting and I will be happy to share them on our blog. Your opinions here, though, I don’t much care for. While I’m sure you are only trying to offer good advice – and largely it is – you come here a bit like one of those ‘you’re not a real traveller if…’ types. (I’m sure you are not). I despise selfie sticks but I can also see why they are a useful tool for travel bloggers so each to their own. I’m sure they don’t make you look like a tourist.

    I agree wearing a daypack on the front without a bag on the back screams trust issues, but here’s one reason to carry two packs: you can stash your main bag on top of a 4×4 vehicle and not unduly worry that the two Dutch cyclists treading on your bag with their great heavy boots to fix their bikes to the roof rack are not also standing on your laptop, your expensive camera or that delicate piece of china you thought would make a nice present for your mum. They are safely in the daypack now slung across your shoulder.

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