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Greetings from the small town Rembang where I have just had a 25 cent dinner after another good cycling day.

Having cycled 833 kilometers through Java I am actually a little more than half way cycling across Java.

Getting out of Jakarta is tough by bicycle.

Jakarta traffic.

source site Jakarta Traffic.

Getting out of Jakarta on my bike proved to be a bit of a challenge, but things went ok.

It was hard to leave the way I had planned cause it was a very busy highway where I was not allowed to cycle so I went south instead and left the city in the south and stayed the night in a town called Cibubur before heading the next day.

colonia hombre solo loewe  

Roads are busy but ok to cycle.

Indonesian traffic has colors.

site de rencontre pour celibataire riche Indonesian traffic has colors.

The next couple of days I started cycling towards the coastal town of Cirebon and the roads were quite busy, but since they have a lot of scooters in Indonesia the cars are used to two wheeled traffic so I was feeling fine all the way.

Be ware of the busses though if you decide to cycle Indonesia as the bus drivers are nuts here. The rest of the drivers are nice enough though.


Forgot my passport in Cirebon.

Got my passport back.

go to link Got my passport back.

Cirebon was a pleasant town and I liked staying there but I was still a little annoyed when I had to go back there cause I forgot my passport at the hotel reception.

That was a half day trip back and forth to the town where I realized I had forgotten my passport at the hotel, but at east I got to try the local busses then.  

And I forgot my VISA card somewhere else.

A few days later as I was about to make an online payment I could not find my VISA card

What happened most likely is that I forgot it in some ATM when I took out money a couple of days earlier as I am used to ATM’s that spit out the card before giving you the cash, but in Indonesia they give you the cash before you get the card back, so I have most likely just walked away without my card.

But my card is now blocked and I still have my Mastercard so I should be ok.

click here  

And aren’t indonesian people just a joy to be around?

Indonesian girls at the local restaurant. Indonesian girls at the local restaurant.

One very positive aspect about being in Indonesia is that people are just so damn easygoing.

I have been to several countries in Southeast Asia but in no country in the region are people more laid back than here.

So far I have only had smiling helpful people around me and when I needed to block my VISA card an indonesian guy let me use his phone to call Denmark when my phone decided to go on strike when I most needed it.


One westerner and two beers in a week.

No tourists on the north coast of Java.

No tourists on the north coast of Java.

I went via Semarang which is the capital of central Java and a very pleasant town where I also met the first westerner I had seen in over a week when I was having my first two beers in over a week.

That was a dutchman who was on holiday with his indonesian wife from the island Ambon.


And on goes the journey.

Ready to hit the roads of Indonesia again.

Ready to hit the roads of Indonesia again.

And now I am sitting here in the small town Rembang in a wonderful little hotel where I am paying 15 dollars for a night including breakfast and tomorrow I will continue my bike ride and cycle towards Tuban and Surabaya before going on to Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.

A man and his cow in Indonesia.

A man and his cow in Indonesia.

Indonesian mosque at night.

Indonesian mosque at night.

Indonesian boats.

Indonesian boats.


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  1. hey… i know u today, are u across on paiton today?? is that you??

  2. Du kommer da godt nok derudaf!

    Og nogle gange op til flere gange – Cibubur er jo ikke ligefrem den direkte vej, og saa den med Visa kortet!

    God fornøjelse – og god jul


  3. Else Marie Hansen

    Hej Claus.

    Jeg har lige truffet et par fra Ringe, som ogsÃ¥ havde haft dig som guide. Og jeg kan sige dig, at det er fint nok at du er “nødt” til at arbejde indimellem dine eventyr. Vi er MEGET glade for dig som guide.
    Jeg vil ønske dig en glædelig højtid, hvis du ellers har tid at fejre noget, og så lige fortælle at jeg synes du er verdens bedste guide.

    Knus fra Else

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