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We all want to be happy when we fly. We all want to be happy when we fly.

I fly dozens of times every year and is often surprised how some people act like total idiots when they are on a plane. It takes so little to be a nice person who make new friends when you fly. So why be the stupid jerk that both other passengers and flight attendants hate? I have decided to write down a few tips on how you become a better and friendlier passenger that other people like.

Sit down quickly when you board the plane.

Sit down quickly, in order to make the boarding procedure quick.

enter site Sit down quickly, in order to make the boarding procedure quick.

One of the most annoying things with flying is the boarding. You always have these 4-5 persons on a plane, who block the aisle for several minutes when boarding, cause they are busy arranging their seat, putting things, one by one, in the overhead compartment, while being totally ignorant to the people lining up behind them. When you board the plane, then please find your seat quickly. Then you sit down, without putting things in to the overhead compartment. Once people are seated, it’s so much easier to stand up again and arrange things in the overhead compartment, even if you are sitting by the window and have to ask the aisle passenger to give you space to stand up. People who block the aisle are extremely hated, both among fellow passengers and flight attendants and I think most of them are nor realising it, so I thought I would give it a mention here. Try to think about other people before you think of yourself when you board a plane. That will make both you and you fellow passengers happier in the end.  

Check the passenger behind you before you recline your seat.

I have had several cases where my food, my wine and my laptop has ended up ion the floor because the person in front of me pulled the seat back rapidly. It’s totally ok to pull your seat back, but it takes only a few seconds to turn around and tell the person behind that you are doing it. Most people are just like me. They have total understanding for your need to rest, but we do not like to end up with a broken laptop, or with red wine all over our seat.  

Share the arm rest with the passenger next to you.

The armrest struggle is a joke. When you are sitting next to a person on a plane, this person is your neighbour. And not getting along with your neighbour is the one of the most stupid things you can pursue in your life.

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Say hello to your neighbour when you sit down.

When you arrive to your seat at boarding then say a polite hello to your neighbour. this turns your neighbour in to a real person and not a potential enemy. You should of course be cautious and respect people who do not want to have a conversation, but a polite “Hello” or even a friendly nod, can make a big difference when you are forced to sit next to someone for several hours.

Respect the basic rules when you fly.

Please respect this sign when it is on.

go to link Please respect this sign when it is on.

Now listen to me, you stupid twats: You do not need to make a phone call when the plane is taking of or landing. Your friends and family are perfectly capable of checking online that you are taking off or landing. And you do not need to play around the overhead compartment when the plane is about to land. And if you are older than 7, then you can also go to the toilet when the “fasten your seatbelt sign” is NOT on. This is not just because these are the rules, but also because many fellow passengers are feeling uneasy about flying. People who are uneasy about flying get really scared if you start arguing with flight attendants because you insist on not following the basic rules on a plane. So please follow them, even if they are a little annoying at times. That will turn you in to a nice memory, instead of that being remembered as a fucking idiot.

Flight attendants are some of the nicest people on earth. Please help them to have a nicer day.

rencontre gratuite et simple Flight attendants are some of the nicest people on earth. Please help them to have a nicer day.  

Now this was my little rant about annoy jerks on planes. But don’t worry guys. I still hope to meet you onboard a plane and don’t worry. I am really easy to get along with when flying 🙂


Welcome onboard.

site de rencontre x max Welcome onboard.

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  1. I would also add learn how to walk down the aisle!!
    Whether its to board or during the flight my biggest pet peeve is these elephant type knuckleheads that come down the aisle, swinging their bodies bumping everyone along the way. Or worse the monkeys who feel the need to grab the head rest above me while I sleep as they walk down the smooth walkway to the bathroom…ugh! I hate people sometimes!

  2. Excellent tips. I always turn around to check before I recline, and sometimes, if the person behind me is really tall, and it’s not an overnight flight, I won’t recline. I agree. Being nice isn’t that difficult.

  3. Love this topic. So much more can be added to this list but I love the refreshing nature of many of your travel articles.

    Travel Happy from McCool Travel!

  4. Sound advice as always, my friend and I know how much travelling you actually do!

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