A few impressions and stories from my bicycle trip from Angkor Wat to Saigon.

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In countries like Vietnam and Cambodia, most people can not afford to buy a truck, or even a car. But a scooter or a bicycle is within reach of most ordinary citizens. I think that one of the most fascinating aspects of visiting Vietnam and Cambodia, is to watch the street scene and see with what creativity that the locals use 2 wheels to carry the whole family as well as the whatever they have been buying or selling that day.

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Cambodian girls cycling home from school.

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The following tips and advice is based on 4 cross country tours I have done by bicycle in Cambodia over the past 13 years, plus another dozen visits to the country because of work. So I feel that I have a pretty good idea about what it’s like to go cycling in Cambodia, so here is my 5 cents.

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