Live music at the Red Pirates bar.

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Boracay is one of the most popular beaches to visit in the Philippines and it can be a little crowded at times. but if you head way down the beach, away from the big hotels and clubs, then you have a wonderful little place called the Red Pirates.

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Madeira has a nice airport.

Full Report Madeira has a nice airport.

I have flown more than 800 times during the past 19 years and have been to many many airports around the world. I have not been to all airports around the world, but this is my verdict on the +100 airports I have visited over the years. More »

Have you ever been dreaming of being on a world class beach and being the only tourist there? Well, on Cuyo Island in the Philippines, I was the only tourist there when I visited and the beaches were world class. More »

Flying with Air Asia.

mujeres solteras en roswell nm Flying with Air Asia.

On december 28, 2014 an Air Asia plane between Surabaya and Singapore crashed in to the ocean, killing all people onboard, and I have since then noticed that a lot of people who do not know the airline are saying that they are afraid to fly with them, so I thought I would tell why I am not afraid to fly them and why I will keep flying with Air Asia.

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Cycling the Philippines.

see this Cycling the Philippines.

Some tips and advice

if you are planning a cycling tour

around the Philippines.

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