Cycling up the west coast of Sri Lanka.

Recommended Reading Cycling Sri Lanka.

I have just spend the past 10 weeks in Sri Lanka. Most of the time I have been tour cycling around the island. This is my second time in Sri Lanka cycling. And here are some advice about cycling in Sri Lanka, based on my own experiences here.

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When I was first in Colombo 5 years ago, the city was almost in ruins and not really a place for visitors. But things have changed for the better now. More »

Watching wild elephants in Sri Lanka.

site de rencontres hommes Watching wild elephants in Sri Lanka.

Udawalawe national park in Sri Lanka is one of the best places in the world to watch elephants in their natural habitat. And Udawalawe national park s also home to many other wild animals. More »

No selfies at the Dambulla cave temple please.

singles püttlingen No selfies at the Dambulla cave temple please.

This is a very important travel tip if you go to Sri Lanka. Sri Lankans can get seriously upset if you take a photo of yourself, when turning your back to Buddha.

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Sigiriya rock.

Sigiriya rock.

In central Sri Lanka you have a fortress on top of a giant rock. It’s called Sigiriya. And it’s probably the most spectacular sight on the island of Sri Lanka.

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