The old part of Salvador da Bahia, called Pelourinho.

strattera no prescription The old part of Salvador, called Pelourinho.

I spend last summer cycling through Brazil. The last part of the journey was through the state of Bahia, in Northeast Brazil. It’s a very colourful state with a tropical climate and some amazing scenery.

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Cycling through Brazil and meeting with some locals on the road. Cycling through Brazil and meeting with some locals on the road.

I just spend 8 weeks cycling through Brazil and the most common question I get is whether it was dangerous to go cycling through Brazil, so I thought I would talk a  bit about it here.

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Morro De Sao Paulo.

go to these guys Morro De Sao Paulo.

I have been coming to Morro De Sao Paulo since 1993 and even if it has become more and more touristy over the years, it’s still my favourite spot in the world for doing nothing but chilling out.

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I just got back from Brazil, where I among many things, watched two olympic football games and here is a little about my experience and what i think about the stadium.

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Brazil off the beaten track. Brazil off the beaten track.

I have spend the past 10 days cycling through Brazil without meeting a single non brazilian. And I have been cycling through some truly amazing landscapes and stayed at some fantastic beaches. But foreign tourists in Brazil almost all stick to a few famous spots, so Brazil is probably the easiest place in South America to get totally off the beaten track when you are tour cycling.

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