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  1. Hi There,

    My name is Cassie and I am writing because I would like to use my knowledge and experience to contribute an article for travellingclaus.com. As a freelance writer, my work covers a broad spectrum, but I tend to focus on camping, hiking, fishing and generally enjoying nature and the great outdoors, which is why I felt your site would be such a good fit.

    I have always enjoyed nature, and my Dad took me camping and fishing from a young age. Now I have kids of my own, and while I still get out as often as possible, my work as a freelance writer allows me to write about what I enjoy. I would love to write an article that encourages and inspires others to bond with nature and get the same pleasure from outdoor pursuits that I have over the years.

    People talk about technology turning people away from nature, but that’s not my experience – in fact, there are some great gadgets out there that can really enhance outdoor experiences, and that might be a good area to touch on. That’s just an example, however, and I’m happy to tailor my article to your specific needs; especially if you have a particular subject that you would like me to focus on.

    Please let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear back from you.



    PS – If you’re not interested, I totally understand. You’re not on a contact list and I won’t contact you again.

  2. Hi there,

    My name is Cindy and I work as a freelance writer and often work with brands looking to promote their content on sites like [domain].

    I just wanted to quickly connect and see what your policies were for brand collaboration.

    Most often the brands I work with are looking to work with influencers and sites that will allow me to work on some contributed content on a mutually agreed topic.

    If that kind of collaboration is of interest please do let me know and I’ll send over some more information about how we can work together.

    If not don’t worry, you aren’t on a list and I won’t be in touch again.



    • Hi’ Cindy. I do not accept and sponsored posts or guest posts for that matter, as this is a personal blog that is only about my own travels and experiences. Claus.

  3. Hello Claus. I am looking for info on cycling in Portugal. Going to be in Baraga for retreat at end of Sept. My friend and I would like to rent bikes and ride for 3 days. We cycle in US and would like to continue our retreat with bikes. Looking for easy rides this time, bike rental, and place to stay. Can you suggest an area to begin our search and possibly suitable maps. We did tour in Croatia last fall and it was beautiful. We are looking for something easier this trip.

    • Hi’ Bobbi. There is a really good bike rental place in Lisbon called https://www.bikeiberia.com/ They have very good bikes for rent and can help you with routes and maps as well. I would suggest that you contact them and ask them if they can help you with a 3 day easy itinerary. I have rented bikes myself from them many times and they really know what they are doing.

  4. Hi Claus,
    Can I take my bicycle inside the hotel room in Cambodia?
    Thank you

    • Most of the time yes. But I have had a couple of times, where they would not let me. But in that case, they let me park the bike inside the hotel. They just didn’t want me to take the bike up the stairs to the hotel rooms. I always felt safe with my bike this that regard in Cambodia.

  5. Isabella Lovett

    Hi There,

    It seems many US and UK residents are taking a leaf from Denmark’s book when it comes
    to cycling. Nine out of ten people in the latter ride a bike. In the last ten years stats from
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    increase in bicycle usage. In New York just over 1.5 million residents ride regularly and over
    in the UK it’s estimated that 1.7 million people cycle daily.

    It begs the question, what more can we do to get people riding a bike?

    I’m a former fitness trainer and now a writer, and I’m trying to help people find simple, easy
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    I’d really love to contribute an article to your site, on this topic and would be happy to get
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    Sincere regards

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