The Beer Station in Lisbon.

continue reading this The Beer Station in Lisbon.

Portugal has recently started to produce some interesting craft beers. There is a bar in Lisbon called The Beer Station, that has a very good variety of good Portuguese craft beer.

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The Comur shop in Coimbra that sells canned fish.

Bonuses The Comur shop in Coimbra that sells canned fish.

The Portuguese company Comur has opened up some very colourful and creative looking shops around Portugal. They sell the canned fish that Comur produces. But they do not look anything like a store that sells canned fish. More »

Madeira is an island that is popular with tourists. And many parts of the island has a lot of tourism. But Porto da Cruz is hidden behind the cliffs on the east coast of the island and has no big hotels. More »

Hiking above the clouds.

rencontre 21140 Hiking above the clouds.

Madeira is by many Europeans, mostly known as a flower island. And an island for upscale tourism. Kinda the island where you granny goes to look at exotic flowers. But it’s also the perfect outdoor destination. Just get away from Funchal on the south coast and you have some really wild nature.

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I have flown with EuroAtlantic airways several times over the years and here is my 5 cents about the airline.

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