Flying with a bike.

I like flying with a bike.

Many people have asked my questions about flying with a bike. So I thought I would write down a few of my experiences, when it comes to flying with a bike.

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Long haul flights are where budget airlines lose money.

Many budget airlines have tried their luck with long haul flights over the years. Very few have had such with long haul flights. This is my personal opinion on why they fail to make these flights profitable.

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Qatar Airways.

Onboard Qatar Airways.

Here is a review of Qatar Airways. An airline that I have flown many times and quite like.

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onboard Rossiya Airlines.

I have flown with Russia Airlines a couple of times this year. And here is a little review, where I give my opinion of Rossiya.

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Bicycle assemble area Faro Airport.

Bicycle assemble area at Faro Airport.

I fly a lot with my bicycle. So i like when airports are bicycle friendly. And I thought I would just give Faro Airport in Portugal a mention here, as this is one of the better airports in this world for cyclists.

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