On december 28, 2014 an Air Asia plane between Surabaya and Singapore crashed in to the ocean, killing all people onboard, and I have since then noticed that a lot of people who do not know the airline are saying that they are afraid to fly with them, so I thought I would tell why I am not afraid to fly them and why I will keep flying with Air Asia.

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The following tips and advice on cycling Indonesia is based on my experiences of a 2550 kilometer cycling trip through Indonesia. That trip took me across the islands on Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa in november/december 2014.

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Finishing a 2500 kilometer bicycle trip with climbing a volcano is not the worst thing you can do.

I just got down after trekking the Rinjani Volcano and here are a few impressions from the trip and some tips and advice if you think about going there yourself.

Me, at the rim of the Rinjani volcano.

sites de rencontre pour plus de 60 ans Me, at the rim of the Rinjani volcano.

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It’s christmas day and it’s 32 degrees celsius in Denpasar/Bali where I am sitting with my bike now after a 1550 kilometer bicycle ride.

Cycling from Jakarta to Bali has been a great experience going through the island of Java on my malaysian mountain bike.

My bicycle in Indonesia.

rencontre emouvante My bicycle in Indonesia.

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Greetings from the small town Rembang where I have just had a 25 cent dinner after another good cycling day.

Having cycled 833 kilometers through Java I am actually a little more than half way cycling across Java.

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