After a week of cat sitting in a nice Paris apartment a couple of weeks ago, I was bound for Sevilla in Spain, but I decided to spend a few days on the journey and take the train from Paris to Sevilla, instead of flying, cause I felt like a nice overland trip, opposed to just another boring plane ride.

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The train from Bandirma to Izmir.

click The train from Bandirma to Izmir.


You can fly from Istanbul to Izmir in an hour and twenty minutes and it can cost you less than 50 euros if you search for good deals. But when you fly a lot, like I do, then it can be really nice to travel a bit more old fashioned at times and using ferry and train to get from Istanbul to Izmir is a lot nicer for me than taking the plane. Here is a bit of information about how to travel from Istanbul to Izmir, using ferry and train as means of transport.

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