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Cycling north Wales

Trying to read the place names while Cycling north Wales.

I have just spend a couple of weeks cycling north Wales. And here are a few stories, as well as some tips and advice, if you plan to go cycling around north Wales.

North Wales might not be the first place that come in to mind, when you think about where to go tour cycling. But it’s a surprisingly pleasant place for bicycle tourists, in most places. Especially if you are lucky with the weather.

Cycling Wales

Bicycle touring in Wales.

What are the roads like for cyclists in north Wales?

I entered north Wales from England, as I flew in to Manchester Airport. So I started cycling along the north coast of Wales. The coastal road is mostly really good for cyclists, as large parts of the Wales coastal path. The Wales coastal path is really a hiking trail, but large parts of the trail is a combines hiking and cycling trail. Especially along the north coast of Wales. Several other parts of north Wales have been outfitted with bike trails too. Especially along the busier roads. Once you are out on the smaller roads, especially up in the mountains, you have little traffic. And that makes cycling quite comfortable. Just be ware that many of the roads are winding and quite narrow. So I do not recommend riding in to the curves at high speed. But all in  all, the roads of north Wales are quite a joy for cyclists.

Roads Wales cycling.

The roads in Wales are generally good for cyclists.

What is traffic like for cyclists in north Wales?

Traffic is generally quite ok in my opinion. The biggest problem is that the secondary roads have fairly high speed limits, compared to most other European nations. Because of that you might encounter some cars coming fairly fast in to curves. Good thing is that drivers are generally quite cautious. I never had a situation where I felt I was in any danger. It’s just a little uncomfortable when people pass you at high speeds.

Road Wales

You will often have the road to yourself in north Wales.

Getting bicycle supplies in north Wales.

Cycling has become quite popular in Wales in recent years. So these days you will find bicycle shops in pretty much all major towns in north Wales. The problem can be through, that there are very few major towns in Wales. This is a part of the country with mostly tiny villages. But I came across at least a dozen bicycle shops when I was cycling north Wales. So getting supplies should be possible, should you need it.

Accommodation in north Wales.

During my cycling trip in the north of Wales, I was mostly staying at B&B or at small hotels. I know that many cyclists like to camp, but I personally prefer a smaller hotel for the night. Especially in a place like Wales, where it can get quite cold at time. When doing that, Wales is not exactly a budget destination. But I managed to find a room for the night for 20 to 60 British Pounds per night when i was there. With the single exception of one night, where a public holiday filled up all the accommodation in the area and I had to dish out a staggering 100 Pounds for a hotel room. At least it was a very nice room I had that night.

Country pub Wales.

Lot’s of nice country pubs with reasonably priced accommodation.

Cycling between pubs.

One thing that is really great when cycling north Wales, is the amount of pubs. I so enjoy to stop every 20-30 kilometers in a small country pub and have a coffee, a coke, or a beer if it’s by the end of the afternoon. Every little village will have at least one pub. Usually 2 or 3. And they are very reasonably priced. I personally love craft beer, as well as cask ales. And they are plenty in Welsh pubs. The good thing about the cask ales are that they usually have a low alcohol percentage, so that I can easily drink a pint and continue on my bike, without being drunk in any way. Beer and biking is just a really great combination if you love the good things in life 🙂 .

Welshe cask ales

Welsh cask ales are wonderful.

My overall verdict about cycling north Wales.

Overall I can only say that I was positively surprised as a cyclist in Northern Wales. I am normally not cycling that much around cold countries. But Wales in early May proved to be quite ok, as long as I brought my fleece jacket and a pair of gloves. I ended up enjoying it so much that I have started to consider other countries in the north of Europe, as cycling destinations for the future. And the Welsh drivers were a positive surerise too. I did not have a single bad experience with drivers yelling at me, trying to drive me off the road. And I did not have a single dog chase either. The price of accommodation was the only thing that bugged me a little at times. But that will always be the downside in expensive countries. Especially when you are not camping.

Welsh countryside.

Typical Welsh countryside.

But cycling north Wales was absolutely fantastic. And I will for sure return to explore this unique part of the world again.

Bike Llandudno

My bike in Llandudno.


Cycling in these surroundings is just fantastic.

North coast Wales.

The north coast of Wales.

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