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Me and a Copenhagen cat.

Click This Link Me and a Copenhagen cat.

I have recently taken in to international cat sitting and as I love cats, being an international cat sitter is not a bad little side job to have.

I have had cats since I was a small kid and I have always loved being around cats, when a couple of options came up to look after some cats in Copenhagen and Paris this year, I decided to go for it and I have in recent weeks stayed for free in apartments in Copenhagen and Paris in exchange for taking care of the owners cat while they were on holiday.  

What does it take to be a cat sitter?

Keep the cats happy.

aziaclub site de rencontres Keep the cats happy.

You should obviously like cats, cause taking care of something you don’t like will suck for you as well as for the cat you are taking care of. Same thing goes if you are a baby sitter for that matter. You should like babies if you do that. And you should also remember that you are borrowing the home of someone else, so treat it with respect and clean after yourself and do not invite 10 people you just met in a bar to a party there.  

Do you want me to take care of your cat?

A french cat I was looking after.

rencontre homme arabie saoudite A french cat I was looking after.

I am quite happy to do cat sitting around the world, so if you have a cat that needs to be taken care of, then you are welcome to contact me. I am not just feeding the cats I take care of, but also being social with them, if this is what they want. I do not ask any money for it as such. I am happy just to live for free in the apartment /house where the cat is. I work freelance and spend quite some time sitting with my laptop, so if the place where the cat lives has wifi then I can quite happily work there while taking care of the cat and living in changing locations is totally my thing and actually helps me work wise too as I work in travel and tourism. I am open to being a cat sitter all around the world, as I am traveling 365 days a year and hop around all continents.

I love cats.

why not try these out I love cats.

So let the happy cat sitter from Denmark know if you have a cat that needs to be taken care of while you travel.

Pretty cat on the island Hydra.

Pretty cat on the island Hydra.

French cat chilling out.

French cat chilling out.

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  1. This post is a great idea to promote myself as a cat sitter too!! hehe The cuties are so nice, letting you take pics of them.

  2. Oh wow. That is really neat. Cat sitters like yourself might actually help people with dilemmas about getting a cat just like me. I just moved here in Sweden but I know that I would be needing to travel back to my home country for visits every now and then so getting a cat right now could be a tough decision to make. Hope to see more cat pictures. Tack!

    • Thank you for your comment Jazzie. I will put up more cat photos in the coming days and you are always welcome to contact me in case you decide to get a cat that needs to be taken care of.

  3. I LOVE CATS TOO, sometimes, I love cat and kitten than human.. hahaha, cool job, Inte’l Cat Sitter LOL

  4. Claus, I am very very happy to find your post! I am becoming a cat mother next week, and already were thinking how could I solve taking care of Tulipán while I’ll be away for my winter travel. Would you live in Borås that time? 🙂

  5. Wowww. Found this in FB. Donow that there is such a post as International Cat Sitter. I got 12 Cats btw. Of all ages. 3 – adults less than 4 years old. 3 – almost 1 year old. 3 – youngsters. 3 – 2 weeks kittens. LOVE them so much. All in d same family. How do u get them to stay still during picture taking. My cats are too shy, don’t like to take pictures. Haha. Really can release ur tension. They understand us better than human sometimes..

    • Nice to see another cat lover here. I am usually quite good at getting selfies with cats. I can usually get them to calm down and be quite cuddly.

  6. Cats are the best! I recommend you share your cat photos with, they feature cats around the world:)

  7. Now this is right up my alley! I’d love to house sit and cat sit. As an animal lover and cat owner there’s always more love to give a little furry fiend.

  8. Love the title ‘International Cat Sitter’ sounds like a Bond type of job title. 🙂

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  10. have you seen this article, of your interest, hopefully:

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