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Fuck Euronet.

Fuck Euronet.

Euronet ATM’s are popping up all over the world. But they are a serious ripoff and you should stay away from them.

In the past couple of years, I have noticed ATM’s from the company Euronet popping up in many countries. ATM’s from this company are always located in places with many tourists and are easily visible. In many airports they have exclusive rights to operate ATM’s at the moment. 

Euronet ATM’s do in many ways look like regular ATM’s, but there is a problem. The fees that are charged by Euronet and the exchange rates that are give are really really bad. It varies from country t country how they work. It all comes down to how much they can get away with in each country, without breaking the law too much. If a country has a weak consumer protection law, then they will often make you lose about 15% of your money in fees and bad exchange rates if you use them.

I have done some research and some of the eastern European countries are especially badly hit by Euronet scams. I am writing these lines in Hungary, where they are everywhere. Not just at the ATM’s at the airport. Visiting Poland last month and did also notice them in many places there and noticed that the rates and fees there are terrible too.

Who is behind Euronet?

The company is not actually European as you might think. Euronet is from the small town Leawood in Kansas. The CEO is is a guy called Michael J. Brown. He has roughly 5600 employees scamming holiday makers for a living.


So if you are on holiday and need to draw money from your debit or credit card, then use the ATM’s that are inside regular banks. They are generally a lot more honest in dealing with this. There is no need to get ripped off by companies like this.

I decided to write this because I hate to see people getting ripped off when they travel. Hope you found this information helpful.

Nice travels without Euronet to everyone.


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  1. Thanks for the warning, Claus. Back when I only traveled a few weeks per trip, I just brought money with me. Now that I”m away for much longer, I just withdraw money from ATMs. The 15% they charge is such BS. Most travelers aren’t usually aware of the charges deducted from their account, so this is good to know. I haven’t seen them here in Israel but I’ll keep on the lookout for those elsewhere.

  2. I can confirm this. I used one of these ATM’s situated at the airport in Copenhagen to withdraw Danish Crones (my currency was Euros) and later that day I googled the exchange rate and woops, in the end I payed around 10-12% more than I should have. 100% Rip- Off.

  3. Hi
    Just got stuck with Euronet doing a ridiculous conversion. I have an Australian Debit card. They did a Euro to Australian dollar to Euro conversion. Lost 44€ in the process

  4. We just used Euronet in Vienna and got ripped off $70 US because we weren’t paying close enough attention to the exchange rate. The receipt that we gott said “I have chosen not to use the MasterCard currency conversion process and agree that I will have no recourse
    against MC concerning the currency conversion or its disclosure.” Of course this is not true. I plan on complaining to MC although I realize it will be to no avail. So frustrating to be ripped off.

  5. Just got stung in Lisbon Airport. What a rip off.

  6. Totally agree. They are everywhere in Copenhagen, more in number than the genuine bank machines. I used a Monzo card so should have had my DKK converted by Monzo at the best rate. Foolishly (I was in a hurry) I accepted their rate for the conversion. Fortunately it was not a large amount, but they are a great big con. Avoid at all costs, literally.

  7. Thanks for the info I will definitely avoid using Euronet

  8. they’re in Porto Portugal too, everywhere!

  9. Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately I found out the hard way. They charge a conversion rate for Euro to Euro, assuming your own country as the origin denomination. Very dishonest system.

  10. I found out the hard way also, I had a new ‘Travelex Money Card’ loaded only as I believed with Euro, needing Euro cash urgently in Berlin the nearest ATM I could find late at night after arrival was a Euronet one displaying the MasterCard symbol of my Travelex Money card. It refused to pay out Euros direct stating that I must accept their conversion rate. At this point being new card and first use I took perhaps as the card had in error been loaded with Sterling and needing cash accepted the transaction. Aggh wrong — same as Wayne’s post above they charge conversion from Euro to Euro recognising prepaid card as issued in UK. On top of that Travelex added later their own ‘Purse Conversion Fee. of 5.7% so cost me 28 Euros to get 150 Euros in cash. Complaint now raised with Travelex and Mastercard — outcome pending.
    My next transaction was in a Banking Hall 150 Euros dispensed without problem zero charges and later check of account for card showed only the 150 Euros debited. So only Bank ATM’s for me now — shame on Euronet and the Mastercard / Travelex Systems for not adequately protecting or warning their Customers.
    Hope this post will help others to AVOID Euronet and some other non-Bank ATM’s.

  11. I can confirm this company is a rip off. Does anyone know of an official way to put in a complaint against the unlawful practice of charging exchange rates that are not in line?

    • Euronet is an American company from Kansas. This means that if you are in Europe, then you should complain to the lawmakers there, that Euronet is breaking the law.

  12. Used it four times in Lisbon airport , didn’t work, but they took 48rmb four times +12rmb for each transaction which didn’t take place. But in Amsterdam I used it again to withdraw €100 and only cost 779rmb +12rmb exchange fee

    • Hello Rutger, are you saying they charged you even though you did not follow through with the transaction? I think this happened to me. I started to get out of the transaction, there was a final prompt something like “take this exchange rate” with the right button which I had realized was a rip, or “accept the risk that the rate may change” on the left, which I took as walking away from the transaction. I didn’t receive any money or a receipt unless I somehow missed this after taking my card..and yet am missing $150 from my bank account.I want a refund but am fearing that they will not do so…

  13. Catharina Hanson

    A total rip off. Stay away.

  14. Catharina Hanson

    Rip off. Stay away and watch out for these ATM’s. Theyare all over the airports in Europe.

  15. I can confirm the above reports. I’m from the UK and Visited Rethmnyo in Crete yesterday, used one of their ATM’s – they are everywhere on Crete – to withdraw 40 Euros, from my Revolut (internet bank) Mastercard, which ONLY held Euro’s. When the screen showed a truly uncompetitive conversion rate for EUROS to EUROS – how does that work?!!!! – I decided to hit the “Decline conversion rate” button, but the conversion went ahead anyway!!! and spewed out two, very expensive 20 Euro notes. The receipt the ATM issued was as good as useless, all it showed was the transaction value (40 Euros) and the date. No information whatsoever about the conversion rate or any useful information.

    So yes, definitely avoid these scam ATM’s and as others have advised, ONLY use ATM’s attached to Banks.

    Also, a little naming and shaming probably wouldn’t go amiss either.

    These ‘stand-alone’ ATM’s are usually located on a retailer’s property – either in their wall, or freestanding, outside on the front of their premises. Obviously, the business owner is on a deal whereby they receive some form of kickback/commission/transaction fee, for allowing Euronet to site their machines on their premises, and every time the ATM is used. So, I suggest it is ‘politely’ pointed out to them that their customers – that’s you and me – are getting ripped off by Euronet. And adding insult to injury, when their customers are spending their ‘expensively acquired’ cash, in the owner’s business – if you get my point!!

    Of course, another ‘direct action’ option, might be to superglue the card, cash and receipt slots, thus rendering them inoperable – albeit temporarily. This will cause some irritation to the business owner. Rightly so in my opinion. Making money out of potential patrons of their business or service, in such an unethical way, is not a good way to build customer goodwill. Neither will such a tacky, money-grabbing business model, encourage referrals to other potential customers. Very short-sighted.

    Just make sure you’re not being filmed whilst in the act!!!

  16. I almost got ripped off by them in Italy, but noticed that the exchange rate was too high…. decided to Google it before making a decision and found your article, confirming that I was not being overly paranoid for no reason…. Thank you for taking the time to warn other travelers!!

    • My pleasure Lara. This blog is first of all created in order to help fellow travelers with tips and advice. Greetings from Bosnia, where I am traveling at the moment.

  17. Steven Sparks

    4 times italy… Rome airport, Capri, Praiano

  18. These machines are now ubiquitous on the Costa del sol. When initially they arrived here you were not charged for taking out euros but the sterling conversation rates were awful. Now to discourage those of us who have Santander zero accounts or Halifax clarity cards a fee of 1.95 euros is applied if you refuse their extortionate mark-up. Avoid and use the cash machines of reputable banks

  19. Steve Schroer

    Ich verstehe das Problem wohl nicht so ganz: Euronet gibt bei Kredit- und Debitkarten die auf Euro lauten keinen “1:1 Wechselkurs”? Das wäre ja wirklich kriminell!? Oder habe die Betroffenen die DDC-Option (DirektCurrencyConversation) bewusst/unbewusst gewählt, die bei Karten aus dem Euroraum für Euroabhebungen gar nicht angeboten werden sollte/dürfte.
    Ich habe vor 7 Tagen 200€ bei einem Euronet-ATM in Buggiba/Malta abgehoben, mit einer “deutschen” Visa-Karte von der DKB. Es wurden dabei weder DCC angeboten noch Gebühren erhoben!
    Vielleicht sollte man darauf hinweisen, das dieses Problem bei Visakarten von deutschen Direktbanken, die weltweit (zumindest europaweit) kostenlose Bargeldauszahlungen versprechen, keine Gebühren genommen werden, wenn man nicht in die DDC-Falle tappt!?
    Sollte ich das Problem nicht ganz erfasst haben, bitte ich um Aufklärung.

  20. Philip Gebhardt

    Yep .. got a terrible exchange rate from Euronet ATM on Valtos Beach near Parga It was interesting that it said ‘receipt not available’ I reckon this is to guard against complaints.

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