Almendres Cromlech in Portugal.

Almendres Cromlech in Portugal.

Almendres Cromlech is a little visited place. Located just outside Evora, in Portugal. The megaliths standing there are more than 5000 years old. But little is known about the culture that raised these stones.

Everyone knows Stonehenge in England. But who have heard of Almendres Cromlech in Portugal? The tradition of building megalith complexes around 5-6000 thousand years is more common than most people think. People back then most likely traveled more than archaeologists have estimated. Because these complexes look quite alike around Europe.

Almendres Cromlech is Portugal's Stonehenge.

Almendres Cromlech is Portugal’s Stonehenge.

Almendres Cromlech is more than 90 megaliths standing on a field in central Portugal, just outside the beautiful town of Evora. They are actually right in the middle of a cork oak plantation and were not discovered until 1967. Because of that, relatively little is known about the civilisation that raised them.

Being from Denmark, where we also have these megalith complexes, I can’t help to see the similarity. I think there has been more trade and travel in these cultures than we have thought until now.

Apart from being a mysterious blast from the past, Almendres Cromlech is also set in a very pretty location. Cord oaks are quite rare around the world. But in the Alentejo region in Portugal, you have more cork oaks than anywhere else in the world and the megaliths are right among them. You will probably end up taking as many photos of the trees as you will of the megaliths.

Cork oaks all over the place.

Cork oaks all over the place.

Getting to Almendres Cromlech.

Getting there can be a little tricky. It’s only 16 kilometers from Evora, but the road is bad. It’s so bad that most busses can not get there. And many taxi drivers will refuse to go there too. No public transport serves Almendres Cromlech. So if you want to go there, you will need your own transport. A rented car could be an option. But I would recommend renting a mountain bike and cycle there. It’s only 16 kilometers west of Evora. And the road is well signposted.  Even if it’s just a dirt track going down to the site.

Cork oak trees right by the site.

Cork oak trees right by the site.

So if you happen to spend a couple of days in the UNESCO world heritage town of Evora. Then I would strongly suggest that you take your time to visit this odd little place too. Few people go there because of it’s out of the way location. But it’s worth the journey.

Evora is a wonderful town.

Evora is a wonderful town.

Have a nice trip.



  1. You’re right, I have never heard of this place. But it looks like a great place to visit by bike.

  2. Interesting post. I’d never heard of this formation before…

  3. Interesting diversion … might have to check it out someday!

  4. Im Portuguese and been there a few years ago. What a fantastic place. If you like this kind of thing its like travelling to the past. I went by car and the last hundred meters by foot.

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