Fiebre de Malta is the best beer bar in Mexico City.

Fiebre de Malta is the best beer bar in Mexico City.

I am a big fan of craft beers. I always try to find a bar that serves the local stuff wherever I go. In Mexico City I found this wonderful little place with lot’s of Mexican craft beer.

Mexico is mostly synonymous with mainstream beers such as Corona, Tecate, Sol and so on. But Mexican craft beer do exist and it can be very good. I recently spend a few days in Mexico and decided to go for a little hunt for a good beer bar with Mexican craft beer. I tried a few different places. Most of them only had beer from one or two breweries though. And these beers were not the highest quality when it comes to craft beer. But as I was walking towards a restaurant to meet some friend one afternoon, i spotted a little bar with some promising signs.

Lot's of Mexican craft beer on tap.

Lot’s of Mexican craft beer on tap.

Fiebre de malta, as the place is called, is located in Calle Rio Lerma. It’s a small street that runs parallel to Paseo de la Reforma. It’s generally speaking a very nice street with several good places to eat as well. But Fiebre de Malta is for sure the best place to drink beer. They have a fantastic selection of Mexican craft beer on tap. They also have a few foreign beers, but why drink that as a foreigner when you are in Mexico City? The beer manu is very impressive and is decided in to different sections, depending on beer types. That is exactly the way a beer menu should be. I fell in love with a fantastic IPA from the Baja California peninsula that I had two pints of, as well as I tried a couple of other very tasty Mexican craft beers from tap.

The place has a nice ambience. It’s a smallish places that first of all caters to beer lovers, so we are not talking about a loud place with youngsters drinking pitchers and so on. I noticed that some business people were also seated there and that is quite typical for a high quality beer bars as well. Business people tend to like these places, cause they are not loud and always serves some unique high quality products.

The two young girls behind the bar were very service minded and were good at being there when you needed them, but they were never pestering people, as you sometimes see in other drinking spots. Thumbs up to the waiting staff at Fiebre de Malta.

The place also serves food, but I did not eat there, so I can not comment on that.

I decided to get a little work done on my laptop, while having som e good beer and the wifi at the place was very good. So it’s a good place to go as well, if you like to check your mail or read the news while having some Mexican craft beer from tap.

As a beer lover I would highly recommend this place as the best beer bar in Mexico City. Their website is here if you want to check it out.

Have a nice beer time in Mexico City.

Lot's of beer to chose from.

Lot’s of beer to chose from.

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