Bicycle photos.

Old man on a bicycle in Sri Lanka is one of my bicycle photos.

Here are a few bicycle photos from around the globe that I have taken on my travels, over the years. And there is a little story with each of them. So that you know what they are all about.

Statue of a cycling postman in Nizhny Novgorod.

statur Nizhny Novgorod.

Statue of a cycling postman in Nizhny Novgorod.

I took this photo of a cycling postman in Nizhny Novgorod, when I was at the football World Cup in Russia. I was cycling through Russia myself. And of course I had to take a photo of a bicycle statue, now that it was there. Nizhny Novgorod was actually a very pleasant and interesting town. It was formerly known as Gorky. And it was forbidden to enter the town for western citizens. But these days the city is open. And during the World Cup, hunds of thousands of football fans were there.I have more about my bicycle trip during the football world cup on This link

Flower shop on a bicycle.

Flower shop bicycle.

A flower shop on a bicycle.

This photo is from Vietnam. Vietnam is a country where the bicycle is used a lot. And many people with little means, will try to make a living from a business run from their bicycle. Like this little lady here in Saigon, who is selling flowers, directly from her bicycle.

Old man on a bicycle in Galle.

Bicycle photo.

Old man on a bicycle in Sri Lanka.

This photo is taken in Sri Lanka. In a town called Galle. Galle is in my opinion the prettiest town in Sri Lanka. A real gem full of history and beautiful old buildings. I was strolling down the street one day with a Malaysian friend, when this old man came by on his bike. Even if he was an elderly guy, he had an attitude and a self confidence that made everyone get out of the way, so that he could pass.

Ghost bike in Joao Pessoa.

Ghos bike Joao Pessoa.

Ghost bike in Joao Pessoa.

This bike monument is from Joao Pessoa in Northeast Brazil. These bikes, that are painted white and called ghost bikes, can be seen around the world. They are showing that a person on a bicycle died at this spot. Mostly because of a traffic accident. Even if it’s a bit of a sad monument, it’s nice that these cyclists are being remembered.

Copenhagen kindergarten having bicycle lessons.

Cycling kindergarten Copenhagen

Copenhagen kindergarten having bicycle lessons.

I live part of the year in Copenhagen. And one of the things I love about that is the bicycle culture that the city has. Everyone bikes in Copenhagen. And when new roads are being built, they take the bikes into consideration, before the cars. I think this photo shows very well, why the city is such a bicycle city. Copenhagen kindergartens and Copenhagen schools actually give lessons in cycling to the children. They teach them how to cycle. and they teach them the traffic laws, so that they are prepared to cycle by themselves afterwards. Cause lot’s of kids in Denmark cycle to school by themselves. I did so too, when I grew up in rural Denmark as a kid.

Thai lady, cycling across Denmark.

Thai cycling

Thai lady, tour cycling in Denmark.

I have been a member for many years of an organisation called Warmshowers. It’s an organisation, where tour cyclists offer each other free accommodation. And also a free warm shower if needed. I have hosted a few people over the years. One of the most amazing persons was this lady called Sirapon Soinak. She was a Thai lady solo cycling around Europe. While I see Thai tourists in Europe frequently, they are usually very wealthy Thai’s, who are on luxury holidays. This lady was a village teacher from Thailand, who came from a family of rice farmers. And on top of that she was solo tour cycling.

Drinking and driving in Mexico.

Bicycle bar Mexico.

Bicycle parked outside a bar in Mexico.

This photo was taken in a small village in the state of Hidalgo in Mexico. As you can see, there is a sign on the wall for Corona Beer. But the bar is called a Pulqueria. Referring to the ancient drink called pulque, which was the main alcoholic drink in Mexico, before the Spanish  conquistadors arrived. If you want to read more about pulque, then I have another blog post, just about that. It’s on This link.

Decorative bicycles in rural Denmark.

Nellemose Denmark.

House in Nellemose, Denmark. Decorated with bicycles.

This photo is taken very close to where I grew up in the southern part of Denmark. The house with the decorative bicycles is in the village Nellemose. Really a tiny place. But it’s worth visiting. and there is even a shelter in the village that you can rent for a very small fee, if you would like to stay overnight in Nellemose.

Bicycle repairman by the side of the road.

Bicycle repairman Vietnam.

Bicycle repairman in Vietnam.

This photo is from southern Vietnam. But a guy like this can be seen in many Asian countries. These tiny workshops, right on the pavement are some that I like to use, when I have a flat tire. Not that I can’t repair such a thing myself. But when I travel, I like to give something back to the local communities, in the way of opening money on good honest businesses. And what better than supporting a guy who repairs bicycles. Especially when thinking that a guy like this earns very little on an average day. Had he earned a lot, then he would have rented his own place. But these guys often live and work, directly on the pavement. They will often string up a hammock at night and sleep on the same spot. These type of guys have always given me excellent service. And I have always been happy to pay them a little more than they asked for, as they are so cheap that it’s almost free. These are good honest workers that I love to support financially on my travels.

Photo time in Brazil.

Ouricuri bicycle

Posing for photos in Northeast Brazil.

I was cycling through rural Brazil a few years ago. and while I was cycling in the interior of Pernambuco, between the two towns of Ouricuri and Parnamirim, a car stopped right in front of me. Two women jumped out of the car. A young girl and her mother. They told me that they had never seen a foreign tourist in their part of Brazil. And asked me if they could have their photo taken with me. I was of course happy to comply with that. and the mother was also happy to snap a photo of me and her daughter with my camera. Brazil is one country, where you can get really off the tourists track. Just go to the interior of the country and you hardly have any tourists. Brazil is so much more than just Copacabana. Even if Copacabana is worth visiting too.

And finally a bicycle photo from India.

Loaded Indian bicycle.

Loaded Indian bicycle.

Yes. There is actually a bicycle beneath all that stuff :-).


  1. I really enjoyed these photos, especially the flower seller in Vietnam and the loaded bicycle in India. I am always amazed how much people can load on to bikes in some parts of the world!

  2. So glad the photo of the bicyclist in Sri Lanka wasn’t you :-0 Denmark remains my favorite place to cycle Kro to Kro in. It is the best way to really get a feel for the country. If you have been able to bicycle up through the mighty Fynske Alper, then you are ready to ride anywhere! Take yourself as the ultimate example!

  3. Another excellent post, Claus and I agree that Galle is probably the most attractive town in SL although I do have a soft spot for Ella in the Central Highlands.

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