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boat hotel Pöppelmann in Dresden.

agence rencontre colombienne boat hotel Pöppelmann in Dresden.

I recently spend a couple of days in Dresden, where I stayed at this charming boat hotel.

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I stay in hotels more than 300 days a year. And I love that. I absolutely love to spend the night in a neutral place that does not belong to me. I never had the desire to own my own home. But I like some diversity in my hotel stays. And since I love being on the water, I am an absolute fan of boat hotels.

The reception.

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In Dresden you have a boat hotel called Pöppelmann. It’s located on the northern banks of the Elbe River. It’s a former river boat that has now become a hotel. And they do quite a lot to maintain the maritime atmosphere at the hotel.

The rooms are small. But you have to get used to that when staying in boat hotels. You simply do not have the same space in your cabins, as you do in a regular hotel room. But I am totally fine with that. Just make sure that it is functional and I will be happy. And the rooms are quite functional at boat hotel Pöppelmann. And the wifi worked surprisingly well, which is a little rare for boat hotels. I have often had online problems at cheaper boat hotels elsewhere. But Pöppelmann had excellent wifi.

The two ladies that I dealt with at the reception were very friendly and welcoming. I wished I could have a stayed a couple of more days and just chilled out on the deck at Pöppelmann. But I did unfortunately have a ticket out of Dresden the next day. Beer was also sold at a very reasonable price on the boat. And I managed to sit and get a bit of work done on my laptop, while enjoying the Dresden sun and a couple of fine local beers.

Where is boat hotel Pöppelmann located?

Pöppelmann is located on the northern banks of the river Elbe. It’s close to the train station called “Neustadt Bahnhof”. It might seem slightly out of the way when you first get there. But once you get to know the area a little, you will see that you are really close to town. And you will see that you have landed in a village within Dresden. The river views on the deck there certainly beats a view of a busy street in the center of Dresden. The area seems to be on the verge of becoming a hipster area. i noticed a couple of hipster like places had just opened up there. But the area is still very quiet. But this could possibly change within the next 5 years.

Enjoying the view of the Elbe River. Enjoying the view of the Elbe River.

So if you are looking for some accommodation in Dresden that is a little alternative. Quite cheap. And with a lot of charm. Then I would recommend that you give the boat hotel Pöppelmann a go.

And Dresden is also a very nice city to visit, by the way.

Dresden is a wonderful city.

rencontre femme par telephone en algerie Dresden is a wonderful city.

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