Brecho Do Futebol.

Brecho Do Futebol.

Live football on 6 screens. 10 different local craft beer on tap. Hundreds of original second hand football shirts for sale. And a setting that is as far away from a setting that is as far away from a snobby upper class hangout as it gets. Welcome to Brecho Do Futebol in Porto Alegre.

Brecho Do Futebol is not your typical sports bar.

The entrance to Brecho Do Futebol.

The entrance to Brecho Do Futebol.

Brecho Do Futebol is the name of a small football bar in Porto Alegre in southern Brazil. If you are a football geek, then this quirky little football bar and second hand football shirt shop, is an absolute must.

Looking at the place from the outside, you can easily take it for being just another hole in the wall, where the local drunks hang out for a cheap beer. But once you stick your head in through the door, you are met with hundreds of football flags, scarfs, posters from clubs of almost all nations.

The neighbourhood where it is located is not the fanciest in town either, but that is just great, as you are sure to keep out those who do not care about the really important stuff, football.


One of the biggest stores in the world for second hand football shirts.

Hundreds of second hand football shirts for sale.

Hundreds of second hand football shirts for sale.

Upstairs from the bar you have a second hand shop that only sells original second hand football shirts.

We are not just talking about local Brazilian shirts here. But shirts from hundreds of clubs around the globe that they have gathered. All of them are original, so no cheap and fake copy shirts here.

I have personally never seen a more comprehensive collection of second hand football shirts anywhere in the world.


Brecho Do Futebol is beer lovers heaven too.

Brazilian craft beer on tap.

Brazilian craft beer on tap.

Brecho Do Futebol has 10 beer taps, just below two of their screens showing football and they all have Brazilian craft beer on them. When I was there I tried the 3 different IPA’s they had and they were all excellent.

Ended up getting stuck with a few pints of a local IPA called Al Capone, which I thought was absolutely fantastic. It’s brewed in a small town called Canoas, just north of Porto Alegre.


This is not a fancy place.

The neighborhood where Brecho Do Futebol is located.

The neighbourhood where Brecho Do Futebol is located.

Be ware that what I am talking about here is not some fancy place with girls sipping green drinks with umbrellas while listening to dance music while it’s half time.

This is a little wooden bar where boys come to watch football. Talk about football. And have a few beers and in case there is no live football, then it’s mostly hard rock that is blasting out of the speakers. To be honest, I did not see a single girl in the bar the two nights I was there and this kinda tells that we are here for football and not to pick up chicks.

Brecho Do Futebol is really unique. And I highly recommend a visit if you are a true football lover. Be ware that it’s not that easy to find, so use your GPS or take a taxi to get there.

The address of the place is:

R. Cel. Fernando Machado, 1188 – Centro Histórico, Porto Alegre

And their website is   Here

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