Brazil has some very famous beaches, but the country has 7491 kilometers of coastline and in between famous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, you have hundreds of fantastic beaches. Some of them hardly ever see a foreign visitor and Lagoa do Siri is one of them.

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Paraty is the perfect small town to me. It’s sitting right by the sea, it’s an old historical town and it has an arty vibe, with lot’s of art galleries and live music. It’s only 200 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro, so it’s easy to combine it with a visit to Rio de Janeiro.

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I just spend the day cycling around Rio de Janeiro and it’s a surprisingly good places for cycling in some parts of the city, just like some other areas are not that suited for it. I will show you a few places here where it’s good to go if you plan to go cycling around Rio de Janeiro. More »

Maresias Hostel.

watch Maresias Hostel.

I am right now cycling along the coast of Brazil and stayed in a really nice hostel a couple of days ago that is so nice, that I thought I would give it a mention here.

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The cycling path under the bridge to Florianopolis.

site de rencontre amoureuse gratuit sans inscription The cycling path under the bridge to Florianopolis.

This is just a little info about getting to Florianopolis from the Brazilian mainland by bicycle. When I visited Florinapolis a few days ago, I noticed that there is very little online info about this subject. So I thought I would put something up here, for people planning to go cycling across the bridge to Florianopolis.

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