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Brazil has some very famous beaches, but the country has 7491 kilometers of coastline and in between famous beaches like Copacabana and Ipanema, you have hundreds of fantastic beaches. Some of them hardly ever see a foreign visitor and Lagoa do Siri is one of them.

I came by Lagoa do Siri purely by chance. I was cycling along the coast of Brazil, as part of a bicycle trip from Porto Alegre to Salvador. I did not really mean to stop there, but the place was just so gorgeous and inviting. So I decided to stop anyway.

Lagoa do Siri is located close to the town Marataizes. Marataizes is located in the state of Espirito Santo. It’s a state that does not see many foreign visitors, because the state does not have any overseas flights. It’s a little state that is easily forgotten, being sandwiched in between the two big states Rio de Janeiro and Bahia.

Beautiful, but not touristy. Beautiful, but not touristy.

The area around Lagoa do Siri mostly makes a living from sugar cane and pineapple production. When I was cycling through it was harvest time for the sugar cane and I met truck after truck every day, loaded with freshly harvested sugar cane. Sugar cane in Brazil is not just used for sugar, but also for the most popular alcoholic drink Cachaca. Cachaca is used in the national drink of Brazil called caipirinha. Most brazilian cars also run on ethanol that is produced from sugar cane, so the sugar cane harvest is very important in Brazil.

Truck, loaded with sugar cane.

straight from the source Truck, loaded with sugar cane.

But in between the many fields of sugar cane and pineapple, you have Lagoa do Siri as a little haven with a beautiful beach. Many cosy little cafe’s and restaurants that serves great seafood flanks the beach and you also have a couple of pousada’s where you can stay overnight. A pousada is the brazilian word for a guest house by the way and they are mostly family run and smaller than hotels. But the standard can be very good at times. But at other times it’s a more simple and cheap place. I like staying in pousada’s more than staying in hotels, whether they are basic or luxurious.

Pineapple fields in Espirito Santo.

moved here Pineapple fields in Espirito Santo.

But if you ever happen to be driving through the state of Espirito Santo, then I would highly recommend that you stop by Lagoa do Siri. It’s an absolutely wonderful place and if you are not brazilian, then you are likely to be the only non brazilian there.

Beach bar in Lagoa do Siri.

go to the website Beach bar in Lagoa do Siri.


Cycling along the brazilian coastline.

site de rencontre hyperactif Cycling along the brazilian coastline.

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