church climbing wall

There is church with a climbing wall in Copenhagen.

If you visit Copenhagen, then you might want to go a little off the tourist trail and visit Frederiksholm church. It’s a very progressive and unique church that has build a climbing wall on the church tower.

Many Danish churches has had problems in recent years, getting locals to attend church service. Denmark is in many ways a more atheist country than a christian country these days. But some churches has been progressive in reaching out to the local communities, so that they are not just places for traditional church service. Frederiksholm church is in my opinion one of the more progressive in that regard.

Climbing wall church

The climbing wall is blue, like the sky.

In 2014 Frederiksholm church decided to construct a climbing wall on the church tower. The climbing wall 15,5 meter tall and is free to use for the local climbing clubs. On top of that the church itself organises a few climbing events every year. The climbing wall is painted blue to symbolise that you are climbing up towards the sky.

On the day I visited the church was unfortunately no climbing event. But an elderly local guy told me that the day the climbing wall was officially made open to the public, the female priest went repelling down the church tower herself.

So if you want to visit a church that is not only about old serious men in black robes, then you might just want to pop by the Copenhagen church with a climbing wall :-).

Where is Frederiksholm church located.

The church is located in the part of Copenhagen called Sydhavnen. Sydhavnen was for many years one of the most depressed neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. It still retains a working class vibe in the area around the church. But in the past decade, som very fancy apartments have been build in Sydhavnen as well. If you go there by suburban train, then you should get off at Sydhavn station. It’s only about 10 minutes away from the main train station in Copenhagen. But it’s in a part of Copenhagen that sees few foreign tourists. So you won’t be fighting any tourists crowds there. You might meet some climbers though :-).


Sydhavnen has some new apartments that are really nice with private boat parking.

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  1. An interesting idea, and those new apartments look great right by the water like that!

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