Me and my bicycle is coming to India.

Me and my bicycle is coming to India to cycle from Delhi to Kolkata.

I am right now waiting for my plane to Delhi. From Tuesday next week, I will be undertaking a bicycle trip from Delhi to Kolkata. I plan to spend around 3 weeks on this journey and will stop by places like Agra and Varanasi along the way. My bicycle journey will be around 1900 kilometers.

Why am I cycling from Delhi to Kolkata?

My route from Delhi to Kolkata.

My route from Delhi to Kolkata.

I have been cycling around the world for many years and visited more than 75 countries, but I have not been to India yet. So this is my time to experience India and everything it has to offer.

I prefer to travel slowly through a country by bicycle as this is a great way to see all the small places between the famous tourist spots that all the foreign visitors go to. Nothing wrong with Taj Mahal. I plan to visit Taj Mahal too. But there is more to India than Taj Mahal and I hope to see a lot of every day India and meet many ordinary Indians along the road. This is the way to really get to know a country.

I plan to cycle between 80 and 100 kilometre per day. Some days will be more and some days will be less. It also depends on where I can find hotel accommodation along the way.

But I am really looking forward to my bicycle trip from Delhi to Kolkata and I also look forward to exploring both Delhi and Kolkata.


If you want to read about the trip, then here is a blogpost that I wrote about it after I finished the tour. It is on this link.

Cheers and see you soon India :-)

Cheers and see you soon India 🙂


  1. Yeah nice project! Think twice where to order food.. ? Greetings from brasil

  2. How cool. Travel safe Claus!! Can’t wait to follow along.

  3. Very cool! I am looking forward to reading about your adventure in India!

  4. Hi there
    Planning on making the same trip
    Isnt there a ban on riding bicyles in and around Kolkata ?

    • Hi’ Steven. They were talking about such a ban when I was there. But I had no problem cycling in and out and around Kolkata when I was there.But if I remember right, then it was only on certain very busy roads that there was a ban. And central Kolkata is for sure full of rickshaws and bicycles.

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