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Cycling around Faaborg, Assens and Svendborg municipalities.

I am doing a cycling tour of all 98 municipalities of Denmark this year. Here is a blogpost about my cycling in the 3 municipalities of Faaborg, Svendborg and Assens.

I mostly cycle around countries far away from Denmark where I was born. But because of the whole Corona situation, I am in Denmark right now, waiting for my vaccine. Why not cycle around the entire country then?

I decided to start my journey in the municipality of Faaborg, because this is where I am based when I am in Denmark. It’s also one of the nicer parts of Denmark for cycling. Lot’s of quiet roads and cute villages in this part of Denmark.


The island of Fyn is green and has lot’s of farming.

Faaborg, Svendborg and Assens are located on the island of Fyn. This is right in the middle of Denmark, between the peninsula Jutland (Jylland in Danish) and the largest island in Denmark Zealand (Sjælland in Danish).

Fyn has rich soil and is very green. Farming is still a major part of the landscape, even if a lot less people work in farming these days.


Faaborg is an old historical town.

I started the trip in the village of Bøjden, where my father lives. From there it is only 10 kilometers to Faaborg, where I then turned left towards the village of Falsled. Falsled is first of all known for having one of the best restaurants in rural Denmark. It’s located in a country inn, which is called “Kro” in Danish. Falsled Kro is super gourmet. They have helicopter landing space in the backyard, when VIP guests arrive by air. Falsled as a village is also very cute with many thatched houses. It’s also right by the sea, with a nice little harbour. Because of this Falsled is also slowly becoming a bit of a hipster village. In recent years, more and more city folks have moved there, which is very good for the area if you ask me. The alternative is economic depression in this part of Denmark, which is a bit off the beaten track.

Falsled kro, 6 kilometers from Faaborg..

Falsled kro, 6 kilometers from Faaborg.

Cycling into the municipality of Assens, I passed several small villages. This is actually the part of Denmark where my mother grew up. So I have quite a few ancestors from that municipality.

Arriving at the town Assens, I noticed a huge luxury yacht in the harbour. The name of the yacht was Albula. With a quick online search I learned that it was actually built in Assens by Chicago Billionaire Gary Comer, who died right as his dream boat was ready. So these days it has other owners, who had it shipped back to Assens to have some repairs done. Albula is a very impressive yacht that is built for arctic cruises, as Gary Comer had a dream to sail around Greenland.

Albula yacht

Cycled past the luxury yacht Albula.

Assens is a town with lot’s of maritime history, just like Faaborg and Svendborg also are.

I personally think that Assens is not as pretty as Faaborg and Svendborg, But just outside Assens, you have the village of Thorøhuse. And that is rural Denmark when it is very cute and pretty.



Finally I went to Svendborg municipality. I just visited the western part of the municipality, as I will be going to the eastern part later on my trip. I was cycling on some very nice quiet country roads, with grazing cattle and old mills.

Ulbølle mill.

The old mill at Ulbølle.

All in all a very nice start to my cycling trip to the 98 municipalities of Denmark.


Cycling from Faaborg in to the municipality of Assens.

3 municipalities done. 95 to go :-).

This little trip was part of a much longer tour of all municipalities of Denmark. If you would like to, then you can read about that project on this link.


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  2. In the Netherlands we have the long term NL challenge, where you have to cycle all 355 muncipalities, including the islands. They have a Nice website that tracks your progress with Strava-data. For me, It was a great way to Discover the country a little bit better during COVID-times.

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