Up in the air with no fear of flying.

Up in the air with no fear of flying.

I fly 80 to 100 times per year because of work. And because I love to travel. But I actually had a period some years ago where I tried not to fly at all because I was scared of flying. But I got over my fear of flying and here is what I did to combat my fear of flying.

Fear of flying comes from being afraid of the unknown.

Flying with Air Asia.

Flying with Air Asia.

In my case, my fear of flying came from knowing exactly what was going on. And I had a hard time accepting that this heavy piece of metal could actually stay in the air and go through big storms without falling apart.

The thought of sitting 10 kilometers above the ground and not being in control, but having to leave it to a pilot that I did not know, was something that worried me a lot.

I do not believe in authorities in any way. So it has always been hard for me to put my life in the hands of other people.


I tried to learn as much as I possibly could about airplanes and flying.

On the way to new horizons.

On the way to new horizons.

The best way to combat fear is to gain knowledge about what you are afraid of. Fear is irrational. And things we fear are mostly things that there is no reason to fear.

Just like the best way to combat racism is to go out and visit people with a different skin color than yourself, so that you realize that they are not out to kill you because you have different skin color or religion. Learning a lot about planes can also be a way to get rid of fear of flying.

Even though it’s several years since I was afraid of flying, I still read a lot about airplanes and aviation today. Being interested in planes and aviation means that you are not just sitting on the plane waiting for it to fall down. But actually take a keen interest in to how the plane is designed and how the onboard service is.

These days I will also go on airline websites and sometimes choose a certain type of airplane. Just because they have a type of plane that I have not flown before. Or because they have a type of plane that I really like flying (The A380 is the best).

This is a far cry from the little boy who was so afraid to take a plane that I once took the train from Copenhagen to Hong Kong and back because I was afraid to fly.


I watch Air crash investigation.

On board the dreamliner.

On board the dreamliner.

This might seem very weird. But watching documentaries about plane crashes actually helps me too. Because you learn a lot about the plane that way. And they also tell in the documentaries what was learned from that plane crash. How security was improved world wide after that crash.

That is the kinda info that eases me. It’s great to know that a plane crash is mostly followed by increased security and knowledge about how planes act as the investigation after a plane crash is not just about putting blame on the responsible people for the crash. But also about learning how to prevent these things from happening in the future.


A good website to look at before getting on to a plane.

Flightradar24 showing a map of planes in the air right now.

Flightradar24 showing a map of planes in the air right now.

One nice website to take a look at just before boarding a plane is Flightradar24. On that website you can see how many planes that are actually up in the sky without falling down. If you are scared of flying, then it can sometimes feel as if it will be your plane that will crash if there is a plane crash around the world today. But looking at flightradar24 you can see that hundreds of planes are up there right now and they are all doing just fine. And not falling down or flying into each other.


I’m the calm guy on the plane these days.

I relax and chat away with the cabin crew these days.

I relax and chat away with the cabin crew these days.

A few months ago I was sitting on a plane from Istanbul to Copenhagen when the plane was struck by lightning. Some people started to panic on the plane. Because of all the things I have read about these things I know that this is not dangerous at all. Even if it sounds like there is a bomb going off on the plane.

I have also had an aborted landing in Manila where the pilot decided to shoot the plane right up in the air just before landing, because the winds were too strong to land. But I know a fair bit about aborted landings, so I did not worry about it, but many others on the plane did and I was the guy calming them down together with the cabin crew. And remember, I used to be the scared guy here.

I have a link to the story about my plane that was struck by a lightning on this link: My plane was struck by a lightning

Flying to the Azores with SATA Airlines.

Flying to the Azores with SATA Airlines.

Now this was my story and what I did to combat my fear of flying. Hope this will help you to a better and more comfortable flight if you suffer from fear of flying.

Captain Moana giving me thumbs up after flying me from from Lombok to KL.

Captain Moana giving me thumbs up after flying me from from Lombok to Kuala Lumpur.

Happy flying :-)

Happy flying 🙂


  1. Larry Sampson

    Good thoughts. I have never really been frightened of flying. But deep down inside there is always that little doubt that troubles you. How lucky those folks were to have your calming influence on that flight that was hit by lightning.

  2. I’ve never been afraid of flying either, but I’ll keep your tips in mind. Struck by lightning? Oh wow, you’ve come a long way, then, if even that one didn’t faze you!

  3. I travel on planes a lot and it doesn’t scare me, but riding in a car does! If my plane was struck by lightening, I might have a change of heart so good for you!

  4. Erik pontoppidan

    I am deeply impressed at the flightradar-link! Have just verified, that the plane, which just passed my country house, was heading for Aalborg!
    Personally, unlike Claus, I have always loved flying.

  5. This is very helpful. I recently cancelled a trip due to my fear of flying even though I love travelling. I am always looking for ways to get past this fear so I will definitely use your tips.

  6. Great post. It’s interesting that you mentioned Plane Crash documentaries. I do the exact same thing. People think I’m nuts when I tell them that. I watch a show called Mayday. Yes the crash is awful but all the things they change after the investigation as a result Of the crash makes you feel safer. It good to know I’m not alone on that. Lol

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