Book your first trip abroad and the world will be your oyster.

Book your first trip abroad and the world will be your oyster.

It’s not avoiding potential dangers and hassles that is the hardest thing when you take your first trip abroad. It’s booking the actual ticket.

Once you have taken your first trip abroad, the rest of your trips are so easy to realise.

I meet so many people around the world who tell me that they want to travel the world. They often have all these fantastic ideas. They know all about the places they want to see.

Many of them have also started to buy equipment for their trip. They have all the best outdoor clothes. A good first aid kit. The most modern suitcase or backpack. The itinerary is all set up for their first trip abroad. But they have no tickets.

When you start asking them about booking a ticket, they will tell you that they will do this soon. But try to meet them a few weeks later.

The trip is still on the same stage. Everything ready, but the actual ticket that will take them to new adventures. I can spot these types quite easily these days.

But when I pull out my laptop and suggest that I can help them right now with booking a ticket, they panic and give some silly excuse. They assure me that they will book the ticket very soon. Once they have gotten to that stage, they will almost never book the actual trip though.

Road trip in Albania.

Road trip in Albania.

I’m talking from my own experience.

I am familiar with this scenario from my own past. When I was 17 years old I was lucky enough to win a large sum of money, betting on football games. All I wanted to do was travel.

But I kept telling myself that I would book a ticket next week. 10 months went before I actually booked the ticket. It was only because I was very determined that I wanted to spend my entire life traveling.

Because a good friend, who also travels a lot, made a remark one day that my trip would not happen unless I got my stuff together and started acting instead of just talking.

Booking a ticket with Lao Airlines is a good start.

Booking a ticket with Lao Airlines is a good start.

I’m putting this on my blog in the hope that it can make some people go from thinking about their first trip abroad, to actually doing it. If I can change just one person’s mind, then I will be very happy.

Chilling out in the Jordanian desert.

Chilling out in the Jordanian desert.

Happy travels and see you all out there on the road one day hopefully 🙂


  1. I was lucky. My first trip abroad (other than going to visit family in Germany with my parents) was with my school on the French exchange. Everything was organised for me but I still had the challenge of living for a week in a tiny village where no one spoke any English apart from the girl who was hosting me – and she was so shy she barely opened her mouth! When I found that I could cope – could talk to her mother in French, mix with the locals who came to drink in the cafe she ran, etc., then I knew that foreign travel was something I wanted to do more of 🙂

  2. My first overseas travel was to study in Switzerland. I had already been admitted to the university, so I had no excuse to procrastinate about booking the actual travel.

  3. Claus Christensen

    Which search engines do you use to find your flight connections? And the right prices?
    Which search engines do you use to find your flight connections? And the right prices?
    I’m using Momondo but you may have found a better “machine”
    Greetings from sunny Denmark!

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