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Flying with Aeroflot.

the original source Flying with Aeroflot.

I have flown Aeroflot twice in the past few weeks. This is my impression about the biggest airline in Russia.

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Aeroflot used to be one of the most notorious airlines in the world. Back in the USSR times, they were often the cheapest option when flying overseas from Europe. And you got what you paid for. Old planes, horrible food and even more horrible service.

These days things have changed quite a bit though. I have flown them twice this summer and must say that I was quite impressed. The flights I took were between Moscow and Copenhagen.

The planes I flew with Aeroflot were quite new. And the leg space was better than most European carriers.

Happy with the leg space onboard Aeroflot.

binäre optionen 10 min strategie Happy with the leg space onboard Aeroflot.

The food on board was nothing special though. Just an average dry sandwich with free soft drinks and free coffee or tea. But let’s face it: On most European carriers these days a lousy sandwich cost money and so do a glass of orange juice. If you are lucky you might get a free cup of coffee and a free glass of water. So I can’t really complain about the airline on this account. Especially considering it’s only a 2 hour flight between Copenhagen and Moscow.

Food and drink on board Aeroflot was not impressive. But it was free.

best site Food and drink on board Aeroflot was not impressive. But it was free.

Be ware though that there is no alcohol being served on Aeroflot flights.

The cabin crew was very pleasant and service minded. Well above average I would say. Smiling, talkative and happy to give me an additional cup of coffee without any extra charge. Thumbs up to the Aeroflot cabin crew here.

Check in was very smooth on both of my flights too. I was traveling on Economy class by the way. Smiling and service minded staff in both Moscow and Copenhagen. 

I was also allowed to take my bicycle on for free, when flying Moscow to Copenhagen. You can do that if you checked in bag does not exceed 23 kilos. But since I was allowed to take 10 kilos of hand luggage onboard, then I could quite easily have both my bicycle and my other luggage on for free.

All in all I would say that Aeroflot these days, is well above most European carriers. Not to speak of US carriers who are even worse than those in Europe.

So try to forget all the stories from the 1980’s and 90’s about old planes with drunken pilots. Cause Aeroflot has changed a lot for the better in recent years and are well worth flying with now. I shall be happy to return myself.

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