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Ready to board Air Serbia

here Ready to board Air Serbia

Air Serbia is a fairly new airline that I have flown a few times in the past year and I thought I would just share my 5 cents about flying with Air Serbia.

Air Serbia has not been around long.

Or it kinda has. But it was called JAT in the past and was an airline that was mainly known for being half shabby and having a lot of delays. But Air Serbia is a different story in my opinion. I have flown them 6 times in the past year and had a couple of transfers in Belgrade Airport and it has all in all been a very pleasant experience.I have found that Air Serbia often have very attractive prices shortly before departure, so if you are booking late then they might be worth looking in to.

Nice seats and nice planes when you are flying with Air Serbia.

The flights I have had recently with Air Serbia has been with new Airbus planes that has had more legroom than most other carriers and even when I was once stuck in a middle seat (I gave my aisle seat to an old man who wanted to sit next to his family) it was actually not that bad. For sure above average when compared to other european carriers.

Good food and good wine on Air Serbia.

Breakfast on Air Serbia.

desmond tutu rencontre gbagbo Breakfast on Air Serbia.

The food I have had on Air Serbia has been very good so far. It has had a very serbian touch at times, but I just think that is cool and I do not need a continental breakfast every day. I travel because I like diversity. And did I tell you that the food is free on Air Serbia? It’s one of the few airlines in Europe that still serves free food and give you free alcohol even on short flights. And the wine I have had so far onboard has been some very decent serbian red wine, that only made me wanna come back for more. They even have a menu with a couple of choices, even on a two hour flight. And that is not just on business class, but also on economy class. This is really unique for a two hour flight these days, where budget airlines are in the driving seat, but thank you for having this great service Air Serbia.

The menu on economy class, when flying with Air Serbia. The menu on economy class, when flying with Air Serbia.

Being in transit in Belgrade Airport.

If you are flying with Air Serbia and is not going to Serbia, then you will most likely be changing planes in Belgrade. It’s a fairly small airport and therefor easy to find your way around. There is not much in the way of cafes and restaurants, but I stopped twice at the cafe at the center of the airport and once bought a serbian beer that was very nice and the price was 2,5€ which I find very ok when you consider that this is an international airport.  

Cabin crew on air Serbia.

I have nothing bad to say about the cabin crew on Air Serbia. They always did what they were suppose to do when I was onboard. I did not have any particular problems, so they were never really tested when I was onboard, but so far they will not hear anything negative from here.

Downsides about air Serbia.

Should I mention something negative then it would be that I had a case where there was total chaos when boarding the plane, cause passengers did not respect the given seat numbers, but just took whatever seat they felt like and while we were trying to sort out the mess, one guy tried to steal two blankets from the business class seats. He was caught though, but acted like a real professional thief and got away with a warning from the staff and just laughed at them when they walked away.

Bottom line about flying Air Serbia.

I will be happy to fly Air Serbia again.

binäre optionen beste handelszeiten I will be happy to fly Air Serbia again.

Air Serbia is an airline that I would recommend to anyone who likes the service that was once common on airlines, where you are given a free meal, some free drinks, including alcoholic drinks, even on short flights. They do generally have some very good prices when going to Southeast Europe or the Middle East, as long as you are ok with a transfer in Belgrade. All in all an airline of my taste and I would chose them any day over major european carriers like Lufthansa, Ryanair, KLM or Iberia.

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