Forget about being healthy and dieting here. Francesinha from Porto is quite possible the most unhealthy meal you can have in Europe. But bloody hell does it taste good 🙂

Because of my job as a freelance tour guide around the world, I frequently get to spend a day in Porto. Whenever that happens I have a little dinner ritual. It’s called Francesinha.

Francesinha is a giant toast. Usually with both ham, sausages and steaks in it at the same time. Then a lot of melted cheese and a fried egg on top. Egg is optional by the way, but who would say no to a fried egg? And in the end you put it in to a deep plate and fill that with a lot of sauce, usually made from beer and tomato. You also have the option to have the whole thing topped with bench fries. I usually say no thanks to that, cause french fries have no meat in them 🙂

You can find Francesinha around Portugal, but it origins from Porto. So if you want a real Francesinha then go to Porto. The sauce there is generally better, thicker and unhealthier in Porto. Just like it should be. Now that we have decided that tonight’s snack is something with 1500 to 2500 calories in it 🙂

It’s not really a fine dining thing, but more the kinda thing you eat in a casual place. One of these typical Portuguese restaurant/cafes, where you are sitting at a bar and watching football while you eat.

Porto is a very nice city in general. Home to Port Wine, you already have another very good reason to visit Porto. Porto is in many ways a great city for a bunch of guys. It’s a city with good football teams. You have the Port Wine, which is a real mans drink. And there are more than 50 different tastings to chose from in Porto. And you also have really good dining. And then you have Francesinha, when you just want to stuff yourself. And instead of doing that with yet another boring burger, then try a Francesinha. This is 20 times better than a gourmet burger if you ask me.

Porto is a nice city.

Porto is a nice city.

So my friends: Go to Porto and have a Francesinha. And don’t worry. It goes down well both with draught beer and Douro wine 🙂

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  1. How did I miss that during my visits to Porto?? Perhaps because I spent too much time on the Sagres beer and Porto wine. Now I have to go back again…..

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