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You can save a lot of money and have some really good quality work done at turkish dentists, if you do some proper research. I went to the dentist in Turkey last week and here is my impression about the work I had done at the Maltepe clinic in Istanbul.

Is it safe to use a dentist in turkey.

You should always do some proper research before using a dentist abroad, cause you have a long way back to the clinic if something is not done properly. I did a fair bit of online research and felt comfortable with Maltepe dental clinic which seemed very professional to me and they also had some competitive prices that were cheap but not rock bottom discount and this is where I feel safe about using a company.  

How was my experience at the Maltepe clinic?

Me, Dr. Alper and his beautiful assistant.

advice Me, Dr. Alper and his beautiful assistant.

I contacted Maltepe clinic by mail and had an answer from them within a few hours, from a women called Melike Bora, confirming that they had time to see me for an appointment with the owner of the clinic, where we could discuss what needed to be done and what the whole thing would cost. When I came to the clinic I was met by Dr. Yusuf Ilhan, who is a very pleasant person who speaks fluent english. He examined me and we agreed that I needed 4 root canals and 4 crowns where I opted for Zirconium crowns, which are the best and also most expensive crowns on the market. Maltepe dental clinic has their own laboratory where they produce the crowns, so they are made within a few hours, once they have taken the measures and I was down there myself having a look at the process and saying hello to the people who made them. Because I needed 4 root canals made, I first had them made over two days and this was a surprisingly painless experience, where only one of the root canals were a little painful. They were made by Dr. Alper Gurhan, who is a very nice guy too. His english is not as good as Usuf’s, but we had no problems communicating and he was very professional and good and making me feel comfortable and was always aware that I was not in any pain. After the root canals, they recommended that we took a few days before implementing the crowns and I used these days to tour around Istanbul and holiday a bit. The crowns were all produced and fitted within a day and I have had no problems with them at all so far. Very happy with what I got there.

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Where is Maltepe?

Maltepe street scene.

find this Maltepe street scene.

Maltepe is a little outside the center of Istanbul on the asian side of the city. It’s a pleasant middle class suburb where you have no major tourist sights, so you will most likely not see any tourists there at all. I chose to stay there as I liked being able to walk to the clinic, but if you want to stay in a part of the city that is a little more lively, then Kadikoy is fairly close to Maltepe and this is one of the nicest neighbour hoods in Istanbul, with lot’s of upscale cafes, bars and restaurants. In Maltepe, I stayed at a place called Emsa Pansiyon. It’s a small family run hotel, which is quite simple, but my room was super clean and quite nice, with a little balcony and a nice bathroom. I had nice strong wifi in my room as well, so I could sit and work there. If you are ok with a small family run hotel then Emsa Pansiyon should do fine for you. Their website is Maltepe is a little off the beaten track, but that was fine with me as I liked atsying in a very local part of Istanbul, but some other people might prefer a place like Kadikoy where you have a more international setting and some very nice hotels.  

What did I pay for my dental treatment?

I had four root canals and four zirconium crowns made at the Maltepe dental clinic and I paid 100€ for each root canal and 300€ for each zirconium crown, making it a total of 1600€ for the whole treatment. This is a hell of a lot cheaper than most western countries and as mentioned earlier, I felt in very safe hands with Dr. Alper and Dr. Yusuf, so I can only recommend this to people who like to save a lot of money on the dental bill, while holidaying in Istanbul. Their prices can be found on this link:  

Maltepe dental clinic.

Maltepe dental clinic.


Is language a problem at Maltepe dental clinic?

As mentioned Earlier Dr. Yusuf Ilhan speaks fluent english and Dr. Alper Gurhan speaks some english. They are both very calm and professional types, who made me feel totally comfortable with the whole thing. Melike Bora, who takes care of the international communication at the clinic speaks both english and german and I spoke to oner other dental assistant who was also fluent in german, cause she had grown up in Germany. So if you are comfortable with either english or german then you should be just fine at the clinic.

The website of the clinic is if you are interested in having some work done there. I plan to return there myself in a few months to have some more work done there.

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  1. Hello Claus,

    thank you very much for your blogpost about our clinic and maltepe. It is written very interesting and the photos are very nice.

  2. Dental tourism is the best is cheap and you travel. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  3. Dental tourism is quite popular these days and actually doing great.

  4. Claus,

    Thank you for writing this article because I would never have found this great clinic had you not done so.

    While visiting Istanbul I had a large piece of a crown break and needed a new one. While looking for a dentist online I came across your article and was sold on the clinic from your description. I contacted them by e-mail on a Friday afternoon and by the next morning had an appointment for the following Monday.

    It was a real pleasure being seen by Dr. Yusuf, who I found to be highly competent and confident as well as someone with a remarkably good and gentle nature.

    After taking some digital measurements he told me to come back in 40 minutes to put on the new crown. As you mentioned, they have the ability to make crowns on site using computerized imagery (Cerec technology). Amazingly, I was in and out of there with a new tooth in just two hours.

    I would say that the level of care I received at the clinic was easily as good as, if not better, then what I would expect to receive in my home country (the U.S.) and for a vastly more fair and reasonable price.

  5. Your smile is one of the most important aspects of your appearance, but these days it can be difficult to maintain a good smile as dental care is hard to afford. As dentists in the West demand more out of their clients’ pockets, many are turning to take advantage of dental tourism in Turkey.

  6. Great article, many thanks about this blog. So many people should know about Turkey. Happy to hear from you If you want to visit Antalya too 🙂

  7. A very well written article. I hope you had pleasant time in istanbul and never need to see a dentist again.
    I always feel proud when people talk about their positive experiences in Turkey.

  8. My wife needs some dental work doing I want to visit Istanbul where is best to fly to and stay.
    Who do I contact over dental treatment

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