Hans Christian andersen in Malaga.

Hans Christian andersen in Malaga.

He became world famous for his fairly tales. But Hans Christian Andersen was also one of the greatest globetrotters of his time. In Malaga they have decided to honor him with a statue down by the harbour.

Hans Christian Andersen loved to travel.

Most Danes are well aware that Hans Christian andersen loved to travel. Especially because his best known quote was “To travel is to live”. But elsewhere around the world, it’s not so known that the guy who wrote fairy tales, was also an avid traveler. Hans Christian Andersen pretty much spend his entire life living as a nomad. In fact he never settled in what most people called a real home. He mostly stayed with friends, rented furnished rooms for a limited period, or lived in hotels. I’m actually living my life the same way. So I kinda feel quite related to him. And we are both from the same Danish island and have the same surname. We are not related though, as Hans Christian andersen never had kids. He also, almost certainly died a virgin. And this is one aspect where me and the great writer differ quite a lot :-). He was actually quite a women’s man despite having very geeky looks and attitudes. But he was very shy and also felt that he had an obligation to live the arty bohemian life he did. So he never married or dated fro that matter. There has been many rumours that he was maybe gay. But i have spoken to several people who have studied his life in deep detail and they all tell me that he was not gay. Possibly bisexual maybe.  But Hans Christian Andersen was really just another guy who could not close the deal and pull the knickers off a girl. Even if he had the chance several times :-).


The fairytale writer loved Malaga.

Malaga is a wonderful city.

Malaga is a wonderful city.

Hans Christian Andersen went to Spain in 1862 and published a very good book about his travels in spain, which I highly recommend. He went to many of the best known historical places in Spain. But there was no place where he felt more welcome and at home than Malaga. This is probably because Malaga has always been an international trading port and a very international city that has fostered many free thinkers. The most famous being Pablo Picasso. Hans Christian Andersen was a very intellectual and quite geeky guy and my guess is that he loved Malaga because of it’s international vibe and it’s free spirited minds. This is something that you still see very much in Malaga today. Don’t think that Malaga is some massive tourist city, just because they have a big airport. Most tourists head off to the beaches in Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella. Or they head off to the big famous historical places like Granada or Sevilla, after landing at the airport. Malaga is still it’s own wonderful, half forgotten anarchistic city. And I totally agree with my fellow Dane that Malaga is one of the most wonderful places in Spain.

Attractive women keep Hans Christian Andersen company on his bench in Malaga.

Attractive women keep Hans Christian Andersen company on his bench in Malaga.

So when the great writer had his 200th anniversary in 2004, they decided to put a statue of him at the harbour of Malaga. Where he arrived with a steamship in 1862. So if you come to Malaga, then make sure to pop by the statue of the globetrotting, fairy tale writing dane, who loved Malaga.

Visit Malaga. You won't regret.

Visit Malaga. You won’t regret.


  1. It’s fun to see how you are both living your lives in such similar ways, even with the same last name! I saw a statue of him in Central Park, New York. It was surrounded by fellow Danes, so it was fun to chat with the people there too!

  2. Stephen Butcher

    My wife and I are just back from a visit to Malaga which we loved. Thank you for explaining the reason for the statue of Hans Christian Anderson which had surprised us.

  3. A nice text man! As a person from a Nordic coutnry, this will make visiting Málaga even more curious.

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