I'm hiring

I’m hiring


I am looking for a person who is ready to help me with my travel business. We are talking mainly accounting, as I am not very good or very keen on this. The person should also be ready to help me sorting out hotel bookings and flights.

There are some requirements though.

The person MUST be ready to:

1: Travel around the world.

2: Visit more than 20 countries every year.

3: Be ready to spend most of the year in upscale hotels around the world with no fixed address.

4: Not be afraid of flying, as I have more than 50 flights a year.

5: The person should not be scared of things like trekking the Himalayas, Cycling around Vietnam and going wine tasting in Portugal.

All travel, including flights and accommodation will be paid for, plus a decent wage of 30K a year.

I like the planes from Norwegian.

Ready to fly around the world?

With a boat, you can visit some of the lesser visited beaches in Boracay.

Maybe your new office.

If only I could afford it.


  1. Haha – You got me!

  2. Great joke, thumbs up!

  3. The perfect job! hheheheheh

  4. Lol!! I still want to keep on dreaming

  5. Thanks for the click bait. I’m curious as to how many people ended up viewing the page. Good results? April Fool’s to you as well friend.
    -Newbie to the blog

    • I am still getting a lot of hits on it every hour. I am getting close to 10 000 hits now. Do you mind telling me where you came across the link? The number of hits did not really explode before yesterday.

  6. Shane Prather

    Haha, you had me fooled 😀

    Saw it on Travel Blog Chronicles and totally fell for it.

  7. Ha ha, had me fooled, too.

  8. Alek Asaduryan

    Nooo, I was already looking for my CV to apply. You definitely fooled me too. 🙂

  9. Doh! – Doh! – Doh!
    Fooled me 🙂

  10. Kelli Bernardi

    Oh man, I was soooo excited! I’m great with accounting and specialize in Secraterial work!! I would have loved to travel! Maybe one day this could be a dream come true! Hey, even if you don’t a secratery im still willing to be a TRAVEL BUDDY😉😏🙏🏼💙

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