Hirsholmene is an archipelago with 8 tiny rocky islands in the north of Denmark. Only one single person lives there permanently these days. But it’s still a very interesting place to visit if you ask me.

Where is Hirsholmene located?

Hirsholmene is located by the northern tip of Denmark. They are only a short boat ride from the town of Frederikshavn. It’s a short ride into Frederikshavn with the tiny ferry called Sea Dog.


Approaching Hirsholmene by sea.

Unlike most Danish islands, which tend to have very rich soil, Hirsholmene is rocky and has very little soil. Because of that, there has never been any commercial farming. The people living there have mostly made a living from fishing. They also made a living, in the past, piloting passing boats, as north Denmark can be very difficult to navigate with large boats.

Main street Hirsholmene.

The main street on the archipelago.

The archipelago used to have more inhabitants.

At one point, around 100 years ago, the archipelago had around 200 inhabitants. These days, only 1 is left though. there are still several buildings on Hirsholmene though. A couple of buildings are rented out as retreats for artists. And there is also a lighthouse, a church and some remains from the second world war, where the Hirsholmene was occupied by Nazi Germany. You can climb to the top of the lighthouse by the way. The view from the top is really spectacular.

Lighthouse Hirsholmene.

The view from the lighthouse.

These days, the archipelago is mostly a spot for visitors. It’s popular especially among boat people. Nautical tourism is how the place gets most of their tourists. But if you want to visit and do not have a boat, then it’s doable too. And I really think you should visit, if you have a taste for unusual destinations.

War bunker from WW2

War bunker from WW2.


  1. Looks like an interesting and photogenic place to visit!

  2. Trust you to find a completely off the beaten track place like this Claus, it looks fascinating I must say. Does the one inhabitant not get lonely?

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