Hotel Mozart

Hotel Mozart

I am frequently in Brussels. And I usually try to stay at Hotel Mozart. Not the fanciest hotel in town. But a really cool place if you ask me.

Hotel Mozart in Brussels is not your modern day hotel. It is in many ways the opposite. In a time where hotels are becoming more and more standardised, Hotel Mozart is pretty much the opposite.

Hotel Mozart

Hotel Mozart has really funky corridors.

When you enter the place you might very well think that you have arrived to Marrakesh or Casablanca. The Moroccan style is very obvious, with coloured tiles and fountains all over the place. The place a bit of a labyrinth. And you might have to ask for directions in order to find your hotel room.

Room Hotel Mozart

My room at Hotel Mozart.

Be ware that the rooms are quite dated. And they are not the same size either. They are acceptable for me though. and the prices are often very good at Hotel Mozart as well. So I can live with a room that is more dated than the colourful corridors.

Flowers fountains.

Flowers and fountains in the common areas of the hotel.

You will often see mixed reviews of the place, if you look at review sites. Half the people tend to love the place, just like me. And the other half are annoyed that a lot of things are not functioning so well. You should not use it if you want a business hotel. You should stay at Hotel Mozart if you want a unique experience without blowing the budget.

Greek restaurant.

Greek restaurants and beer bars in the same street as the hotel.

The location of the place is fantastic. It’s located just 2 minutes walk from Grand Place. The very center of Brussels. And one of the prettiest squares in Europe. The street itself is a fairly quiet little alley that is home to a few Greek owned restaurants and cafes. So you can indulge in some good Greek food at night. And being in Belgium, there is of course also a couple of high quality beer bars.

Grand Place.

Grand Place in Brussels is amazing.

So if you are going to Brussels and want to stay in a fairly cheap and unique place right in the center. Then you might just want to try this funky little place.



  1. Looks like just my sort of place!

  2. Great tip, Claus, thanks so much. I’m with Sarah on this one as I normally am on matters of travel. This place looks like exactly the kind of place I’d love, quirky as Hell.

    • Now that’s the sort of Hotel I would love too. We never got to Brussels but we loved all of the places that we visited in Belgium and the beers of course. 😂

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