Here we go. Coronavirus has spread around the globe in a short time. and most borders are closed. I’m a person who normally makes a living from taking people around the globe. So how do I handle this situation?

The Coronavirus has become a pandemic. And wisely enough, we have some restrictions right now, in order to save lives. The temporary lockdown, which I think is ok, is very expensive though.

And it has hit my finances as well. I have had all my work contracts put on standby. So the pay check I receive on April 1st, might be the last one I receive in the near future.

How do I deal with that?

I was in Vietnam when the lockdown started. And I seriously thought about staying in Vietnam. I had a valid visa for several months. and the cost of living in Vietnam is low. Vietnam also has the virus a lot more under control than in my native Denmark.

But the Danish government rolled out a package that is aimed at helping those who lose income because of the virus. So I am now in Copenhagen in order to apply for compensation. Not sure if I will qualify. But I will try.

Going back to the basics.

I have been living high life for the past decade. 2-3 cafe visits a day has been the norm. My job has paid me between 300 and 500 restaurant means a year. But when I was young and broke I used to survive on very little money in order to travel. And it’s back to that lifestyle for a few weeks now, until we get past this virus mess.

And getting back to the basics is maybe not that bad. While I really enjoy my high living lifestyle in luxury hotels and airports around the globe, This has also taken a toll on my body. I am at times sleep deprived. I am also putting on too much weight sometimes, when I eat out of restaurants for weeks in a row. And during my days off, I am often enjoying some nice craft beer in bars around the globe. I do not want to stop that lifestyle. Not at all. But taking a break from it sometimes is good. So now that I am stuck in a lockdown, I might as well use that as a good reason to detox and eat healthy.

My daily routine during the lockdown.

I am right now sitting in an apartment in Copenhagen that I have borrowed from a good friend, who is abroad anyway. It’s in the suburbs of Copenhagen. A part of Copenhagen that I do not know very well. So every morning I sit down and look at google maps of the area. And I pick a place in the Copenhagen suburbs that I have never seen before. And then I take an early morning walk to that place, before the supermarkets open.

Once my local supermarket opens at 08:00 I will do my daily shopping, where I have a maximum of 100kr to spend (roughly 14€). I can live on that easily. And most days I spend less. This comes from a guy who just one week ago spend an average of 14€ a day on coffee alone. Being that budget conscious, means that I will not get out of this with huge dept. Even if the government end up giving my no support package. I also benefit from never having taken out mortgage, big bank loans, or anything else that forces me to have a big monthly income.

Copenhagen suburb, Bellahøj

Time to explore the Copenhagen suburbs.

After breakfast, I usually sit and work for a while on my computer. I do all these little chores that I have been telling myself to get done over the past few years. But never did, cause i was too busy. I also take my time to write some friends that I have not been in touch with for a while. All in all, I’m actually quite productive, even if I’m stranded and unemployed.

I’m used to going out of my comfort zone.

This Coronavirus lockdown is really a mess for my life. But in the midst of all this mess, I try to make the best out of it. As a traveler, I am used to going out of my comfort zone and living a lifestyle that is unpredictable.  And while I am never gonna say that this situation is good, then it might have reminded me that it’s actually possible for me to slow life down a little from time to time. Might just slow down a bit more in the future. Virus or not.

Online drinking.

Having an online drinking session with a group of friends who are also locked down.

If you do not know me and wonder how I make a living as a freelancer in tourism. then you can read more about it on this link


  1. Making the most of a bad situation. Now that’s the Claus I know. Glad you are OK.

  2. Glad to hear you’re settled somewhere safe and coping OK. Having a break to reflect and detox is no bad thing, I guess, as long as it doesn’t go on too long. But who knows?! Stay safe!

  3. Good job, buddy. Hoping you remain well and that all of our quarantines are over as quickly as is safe.

    Bon non-voyage!

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