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Boracay is one of the most popular beaches to visit in the Philippines and it can be a little crowded at times. but if you head way down the beach, away from the big hotels and clubs, then you have a wonderful little place called the Red Pirates.

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What is the Red Pirates.

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The Red Pirates is a little laid back beach bar, that often had live music and sometimes serves food too. The place is not as fancy as most beach bars in Boracay, but retains a nice hippie vibe and beer prices there are very reasonable. The vibe is really good and the owners Jen and Joey are very talkative and welcoming people. There is also outdoor seating right in the sand and the place stays open until very late when there is a crowd, which is quite often.  

The Red Pirates is also the best place for a boat trip.

The Red Pirates boat.

i thought about this The Red Pirates boat.

The Bar also owns a traditional philippine sailing boat that they rent out for trips. Joey who captains the boat is really a cool guy to go with a guy who does not cut any corners when you do trips with him. I was once there with a larger group of people, who could not all fit in to his boat and he organised a good deal for me with other boat owners. I would really recommend him if you want to go sailing, as he a very friendly a decent person to go with.

With a boat, you can visit some of the lesser visited beaches in Boracay.

this With a boat, you can visit some of the lesser visited beaches in Boracay.

Where is the Red Pirates?

White Beach on Boracay.

i was reading this White Beach on Boracay.

The Red Pirates is located on the famous white Beach in Boracay. They are located at what they call station 3. This is the more quiet part of the beach, where guest houses, restaurants and bars tend to be cheaper. The place is right on the beach and you need to walk the last bit right on the sand to get there, as there is no paved road all the way to the bar. The owners are Jen and Joey. Jen is an english girl who has been in Boracay for many years and Joey is a philippine guy.

Should you have any problems locating the place, then just ask. This is one of the places in Boracay that has been around for the longest and anyone who has been to Boracay for a while will know of the Red Pirates.

Have a fantastic time in Boracay.

Korean tourist girls posing at Boracay.

click this link here now Korean tourist girls posing at Boracay.

Boracay sunset.

Boracay sunset.


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  1. uli (VT lotharscheer)

    I think i have been therr when it just had opened (long time ago, Boracay is not my favorite place)

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