Maresias Hostel.

Maresias Hostel.

I am right now cycling along the coast of Brazil. And I just stayed in a really nice hostel a couple of days ago that is so nice, that I thought I would give it a mention here.

It’s located on Maresias Beach in the state of Sao Paulo. This is a real surfer beach and very popular with Brazilian surfers. I had no idea about that when I came and stopped there. I just needed a place to stay for the night before I continued my bicycle ride up the coast of Brazil towards Salvador.

Maresias Beach is very nice.

Maresias Beach is very nice.

I found the Maresias hostel purely by chance as I was cycling up and down the few roads that the village has.

I had asked in a couple of hotels before. But they were just a little too pricey for my liking. The Maresias Hostel though, had a very fair price. Even if I was not asking for a dorm, but a private room. I am getting a little too old for dorm rooms, as I need some proper sleep before tomorrow’s bicycle ride.

The price I was given for a single room was less than half the price of the cheapest hotel I had asked at.

Maresias Hostel.

Maresias Hostel.

Nice pool area at Maresias Hostel.

Nice pool area at Maresias Hostel.

And I was not let down with bad service. The place was really pleasant and had very nice common areas. A nice pool area and it was decorated in a very tasteful way. The staff at Maresias Hostel was super nice too. Exactly the kinda people that you want to meet when you come to a reception desk.

The reception area at the Maresia hostel.

The reception area at the Maresias hostel.

It’s a place that has all the advantages that you see in a hostel, in terms of good social life and the chance of meeting fellow travelers. But it also has the chance to get a private place at a very good rate.

The place is located one block from the beach.

I stay in hotels/hostels/guest houses/resorts more than 300 days a year. And it’s not that often that I decide to give a place a mention on my blog. But this place deserves it and you should stay at Maresias Hostel if you ever travel the coastline of the Sao Paulo state.

Maresias Hostel.

Maresias Hostel.

You won’t regret it.



  1. We love staying in rustic hotels such as these. It’s more homey and “authentic.” That beach looks awesome as well!

  2. what facilities that we can get?

  3. Kampus terkemuka

    thanks for the information

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