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Mazunte beach.

Mazunte beach.

Just spend a couple of days in the small beach town Mazunte. Very pleasant place to relax after a few days of cycling through southern Mexico.

I was just about to call Mazunte a two horse town. It probably has two horses. But it also has about a million turtles breeding there every year. So turtle town might be a more appropriate nickname for Mazunte. The turtles are not nesting when I am in town though. But that is ok with me. I was mainly there to relax after a long bicycle ride. And Mazunte is just perfect for that.

Siesta time on the beach.

Siesta time on the beach.

How big is Mazunte?

It’s a really small town with roughly 700 inhabitants. Just big enough to have a church and a football field. So the two most important things in Mexican social life are covered in Mazunte :-). 

The local football ground in Mazunte.

The local football ground in Mazunte.

Is Mazunte touristy?

Mazunte does not have many tourists. But because of the small size it can be categorised as a tourist town. But the people who come to this place for holiday tend to be a mix of independent tourists and backpackers. No big tour groups and big crowds.

The vibe is quite bohemian, with quite a few surfers and hippies around.

Are the beaches nice in Mazunte?

The beach is very nice. It’s flanked by a few little restaurants and bars. That is my kinda beach. I do not go to the beach to tan, but to walk along the seashore until I am thirsty for a beer. But if you want to go for a swim, then it’s very doable at this fine little beach.

What to see?

Mazunte does have a couple of interesting things to visit, despite it’s small size. The turtle reserve is one thing and the other is a project set up by Anita Roddick who founded Body Shop. The locals produce natural cosmetics that are sold in Body Shop. And they have a local outlet in town as well. 

Nice to see that a world wide brand has made a positive impact in a small community.

Perfect place to chill out.

The two days I spent in town were mainly spent walking along the beach and a little up behind the village. There had been some heavy rains about 3 weeks before I got there. Some large natural pools after that rain had formed.

That is possibly also why there were so many insects around. The amount of flies in town was quite annoying. That was the only negative side of the place really.

So if you are looking for a tiny beach town that still has facilities such as a few guest houses and restaurants, without being over run, then you might very well like this place.

I had a very nice time there and will happily return again.

I mentioned in the beginning of the article that I arrived by bicycle. If you are thinking about taking a bicycle journey through Mexico, then I have some tips and advice about that on this link.

Nice local restaurant.

Nice local restaurant.


  1. I like that rustic shelter on the beach.

  2. Seems fascinating! 😃

  3. Looks a relaxing spot. Did you get a game with the locals while there?!

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