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Onboard Montenegro Airlines. Onboard Montenegro Airlines.

I flew Montenegro Airlines last week and realized that there are not so many reviews on this little airline, so I decided to put down my impressions about them here, for people who might be thinking of flying this fine little airline.

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The Montenegro Airlines plane I flew.

I flew Montenegro Airlines from Copenhagen to Podgorica and they were using a brazilian made Embraer plane for that flight and it was very comfortable, compared to most planes I have flown on similar distances. The seats were 2 by 2 seats, so we had no one getting stuck in a middle seat and the leg space was considerably better than on an average plane doing a 3 hour flight. There was only one toilet at the rear of the plane, but it was more spacious than an average plane toilet and was quite clean.

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The onboard service on Montenegro Airlines.

My food and drinks on Montenegro Airlines.

site rencontre gratuit homme et femme My food and drinks on Montenegro Airlines.

The flight from Copenhagen to Podgorica was 2 hours and 40 minutes and we were given a sandwich, a muffin and free soft drinks during the whole trip. I was not overly excited about the sandwich, but the muffin was surprisingly good, even if I am not much of a muffin fan. There is no alcohol being served on Montenegro Airlines and according to the flight attendant, they had stopped it after some incidents in the past where people had gotten drunk onboard and caused trouble. I really like having a glass of red wine when I am flying, but I can see their point and it was a short flight, so no worries from me there. The cabin Crew were very nice and service minded and I could not have asked for any more there. They were happy to answer my quirky questions about the airline and happy to bring me another cup of coffee when I asked for it. They did a very good job.

My boarding pass for Montenegro Airlines.

binaere optionen demo account 1000 My boarding pass for Montenegro Airlines.

Upon arrival to the tiny Podgorica Airport, the luggage was delivered swiftly and I was stamped in to Montenegro, by a smiling lady whi welcomed me to Montenegro, so Flying to Montenegro with the national carrier was all in all a very pleasant experience, even if I did not get a glass of red wine during the flight 🙂

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  1. go to site Great review! Montenegro Airlines is very nice airplane, I have flown many times with it..

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