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click site Negombo.

Right next to the international airport in Sri Lanka you have Negombo. A bustling town with a fairly nice beach.

What could be better than coming straight from the beach when you are to board a plane? In Sr Lanka this is very doable. You have a beach there that is only a 10 minute drive from the international airport. It’s also a perfect place to be on the last day of your trip. It always kinda sucks if you have a long drive to the airport before a long flight. Here you can go from the beach bar to the check in desk at the airport in 15 minutes.

Negombo as it is called is a quite big town too. It also has a commercial harbour. Because of these two things, it’s also not the cleanest beach in Sri Lanka. But it’s quite nice anyway in my opinion. And I like the fact that it’s a town with many locals and not just a tourist resort.

The beach at Negombo.

rencontres s The beach at Negombo.

Negombo is a multi religious town.

You find many walks of life in Negombo when it comes to religion. There are large numbers of both christians, hindus, muslims and buddhists. The christians are the majority though and there are many churches in Negombo. Some of them very large. The Portuguese came to Sri Lanka in 1497 and settled as the first Europeans. Because of that you also have a church that is dedicated to the munk Francisco Xavier, who traveled around Asia in the 16th century and build many missions.

The Francisco Xavier church in Negombo.

click The Francisco Xavier church in Negombo.

Even if Negombo is maybe not the most perfect beach resort, I still think it’s well worth a vist. Especially because of the cultural aspect the tone has. And because it is as lively as it is.

Cheap places to stay in Negombo.

I have so far stayed in two cheap places in Negombo that I really liked. One was King Fish Guest House. Super friendly place with nice rooms. The location on the street called Lewis Place is perfect. It’s just one block from the beach.

The second cheap and nice place I have stayed is A&B Resort.. The place is run by a super friendly family. And the rooms are really nice. That place is also located on Lewis place. This place is highly recommended.

A&B Resort.

Web Site A&B Resort.

click for more info So if you plan to visit Sri Lanka, then you might just consider starting and ending your Sri Lanka tour in Negombo. It’s only 10 minutes away from the airport.

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  1. he has a good point Actually the beach looks quite clean in your photos. I assume there isn’t such a large volume of air traffic that there is constant aircraft noise. That’s the big problem in Frankfurt. I timed one plane every 45 seconds over one of the Frankfurt suburbs.

  2. My last 3 days will be spent here

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