Backpacker Panda Friends.

The common area at Backpacker Panda Friends.

If you are looking for a nice and cheap place to stay in Agra, then I would recommend Backpacker Panda Friends, where I stayed a few days ago.

I am as we are speaking, cycling across northern India and I stay in a new place almost every night.

A few nights ago I decided to give it a couple of extra nights in Agra though, as I was staying in a really nice little backpacker place. So I thought I would give that place a mention here on my blog, in case you are going to Agra and want a cheap and nice place to stay.

The entrance to Backpacker Panda Friends.

The entrance to Backpacker Panda Friends.

I actually found Backpacker Panda Friends purely by chance. I came rolling into Agra on my bicycle and there were plenty of places to stay, as Taj Mahal drives thousands of visitors to Agra every day. I have become pretty good at judging places though, just by looking at them from the outside and as I was cycling through a fairly quiet little street with a few backpacker minded places, I decided that Panda Backpacker friends looked like my kind of place, so I checked in there.

Now this is a backpackers, so you have dormitory accommodation there, but they also have private rooms, which is what I opt for these days. I am 47 years old and like my privacy at night and I like a big bed, which my room had at the Backpacker Panda Friends. I also had a private bathroom, which was simple, but functional.

The place was managed by a very friendly and pleasant guy who seemed to be very professional at his way of running the place. There was a nice little restaurant upstairs, where I ate several times, as I was very happy with the food.

They also have a rooftop terrace, where you can sit and enjoy the view over town. It was a little too cold to do that when I was there though, as it was quite foggy during the evenings I was there. They also had a little book exchange, where I got myself a new book in exchange for another one.

The rooftop terrace at Backpacker Panda Friends.

The rooftop terrace at Backpacker Panda Friends.

The place has a very hippie vibe in it’s decor and that reflects most of the guests staying there quite well. I am quite happy with that myself, even if I don’t have dreadlocks and smoke pot. These kinda places tend to be very calm and chilled and I like that.

So if you are looking for simple, cheap and friendly accommodation while in Agra, then I would recommend Backpacker Panda Friends.

The place is located in a small street called Shilpgram Road, near the east gate of Taj Mahal.


And do not forget to visit Taj Mahal while you are in Agra.


Visiting Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal.

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