Me and my bike in Jakarta.

Me and my bike in the streets of Jakarta.

The next 4 weeks I will be cycling around 2000 kilometers through Indonesia and will finish my trip by climbing the Tambora volcano.

Quiet street in Jakarta.

Quiet street in Jakarta.

Just getting ready to take off for my next traveling adventure which is a 4 week trip, cycling through Indonesia where I will be cycling through the islands of Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa.

In the end I hope to climb the Tambora volcano.

The Tambora volcano erupted 1815 in what was the biggest volcanic eruption on earth recorded in modern times.

Much bigger than the more known Krakatoa volcano that erupted in 1883.

So 2015 will be the 200th anniversary of that eruption and I hope to be the first person on top of the volcano in 2015.

The volcano is very remote so few people climb it, but I have done some research and I think this should be doable and traveling by mountain bike enables me to not have to rely on public transport to the volcano which is very infrequent.

There will be updates coming on the blog during and after the trip so stay tuned.

Ready to head in to the unknown.

Ready to head in to the unknown.




  1. It’s very interesting, as a cyclist (but not as crazy as you) , I really want to do something like this too !!
    It’s amazing, hey,- Do you know the story about Mt. Tambora ?? This massive eruption caused the year without a summer, and all the harvest failed and starving in Europe. Err, I’ve never been there, looking forward to hearing your story …..

  2. Have fun Claus, and stay on the rightside of the road. Website: Adress I have stayed for some days!

  3. Have fun Claus, and stay on the rightside of the road.
    Website” Address I have stay’ed for some days! Nice family! Greetings

  4. Hi Claus,

    This looks like a fantastic trip.

    I am planing a bike trip for early 2015 in Myanmar, I wonder how light you travel for 4 weeks?
    Most of my luggage weight will be on photo gear, so I will keep my personal stuff to a minimum.
    Food from the street vendors and laundry in the guest house.
    How much gear will you carry and how many bags you will take with you?
    I am not a gear head, so I am open to cheap but practical solutions 😉

    Have a safe trip.

    Erik Neu

  5. Oh my husband would be SO jealous! He’s a weather fanatic.

    You probably also know the eruption of Mt. Tamara cause the “year without a summer” the following year in the US. It prompted westward movement to a greater degree from New England to the more western states – Ohio through the plains. There is a monument to a man who saved his village that summer in NH.

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