Psiri Square.

A short walk from the touristy Plaka district, is Psiri Square. A Wonderful little bohemian part of Athens, only a few minutes walk from the more touristy areas of Athens.

I first came to Athens back in 1987, when I was just 18 years old and cycling around Greece for the first time. Since then, I have returned many times to the city. And even if Athens will not win any prices for being pretty or well organised, I have grown to like the city a lot. And at night, when I feel like chilling out, then I mostly head to Psiri Square.

What is Psiri Square?

Psiri Square is a small square in central Athens. It’s a little tucked away though. and you are not likely to stumble upon it, unless you know that you are heading there. the area around the square has always been a little different from the rest of the city. Many new arrivals to Athens has been living there. Both people who migrated to Athens from the smaller Greek islands. And also people moving to Athens from other countries.

Bohemian Athens.

The area around Psiri Suqare is the bohemian part of Athens.

The streets around Psiri square used to be filled with small work shops. Many of them producing leather goods. Many of them are gone these days, but some still remain. The area has become popular with cafes recently though. Mostly places that attracts the younger crowd.

And there is great beer.

My favourite place there is the bar called Beer Time. That place has a very impressive selection of Greek craft beer. Yes. Greece has craft beers these days and not just Mythos and Amstel, like in the boring old days 10 years ago.

Beer Time.

Beer Time is a great bar.

There are also several restaurants there. And I love to sit and eat on the square, as you still have a quite authentic vibe there, with almost no tourist hustlers.

So if you are in Athens and want to suck up some great vibe, then Psiri Square is highly recommended. Hopefully you can find it. It’s just up the road from the Metro station called Monastiraki.

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  1. Very good tip, Claus! I have visited Greece and Athens many times in the past. Although, my Athens visits have sort of dried up the last years, partly due to a life with children, and Athens isn’t a particularly child-friendly place. The islands and rural areas, however, are, so that’s where we have ended up on short holidays. My son,11 at the time said that he wanted to “see where the old Greeks came from”. Since then I have felt obliged to return , and am in the process of collecting info on things to see and do beyond the obligatory historical stuff and my old routes in the city, that were mostly determined by work and a quick dash out for lunch and business dinners at night. This is a great addition to my list, and my, by now teenager son would really like Psiri, too. Thank you!

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